Hot Sexy Sunday..

Posted: 19 April, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Sunday is officially the best day of the week. Do I need to tell you why? Oh well.. I am sure you’d know.. No I mean you specifically.. Hahaha..

Oh well. It’s 19th today..

What’s hot?

It’s 1901’s HOT Dog…

Ohwell.. I gotto go for a jog now.. See ya! Till then..

p.s. I’ve been wasting my shuttercounts eversince I had my hands on a dSLR… Sighh..

  1. ye says:

    do u eat 1901 on every 19th??

  2. smashpOp says:

    shiet!!!!! i forgot about it!!!!!!!

  3. kinz says:

    ye: not really, but a few times already.. And this time my parents bought marr..

    smashpOp: wait for next month.. Hahhahahaha..

  4. wahh. sedapnye, rase macam nak makan pastu muntah balik pastu makan balik. *ngaup*

    (ish. kotor la kin meng ni. tah sape ajar. malu orang tengok.)

  5. kinz says:

    *anggaplah saya nih buta huruf. tak baca apapa….*

  6. smashpOp says:

    remind me next month. ahahaha

  7. ea says:

    lisa you’re gross. and random. randomly gross.

  8. kinz says:

    smashpop: if i remember la.. hahaha.. for now i quite jelakk edi.. i ate 2 that day.. 1 chicken 1 beef.. after 1 month hopefully i forget how it tastes la..

    ea: yeaman.. you’re right… your sister is gross.. but i’m sure you’re not any better.. hhehehe..

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