Tick Tock Tick Tock..

Posted: 9 April, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Gadget Related, Random Snapshots

The clock is ticking.. My exams are reaching.. Suddenly it felt so fast.. So fast that I am completing my first semester at the new place.. Hmm.. I can’t wait to finish everything.. I hate school, I didn’t say I’ll like the working life either.. Yea I am lazy.. Hahaha..

Yup.. And I wasted 63 seconds taking this photo.. And nope I didn’t purposely wait to shoot at 10.10  (10.09:58 to be exact according to my exif data) As most already know that 10.10 is the sexiest clock/watch pose.. Oh well, that’s what they say.. I was just experimenting as I noticed a friend of mine, John.. He took a photo with one second exposure.. So I thought, why not try 60 seconds? Hahha.. Yea.. Pretty awesome huh? Even better that it was at 10.10.. I didn’t have to set the time before I shoot..

My inflatable flash diffuser finally arrived. Looks weird I know, but I think it’s quite cool.. Not too bad..

Looks weird huh? It blows up and looks just like my air pillow, just that it has a compartment to fit my flash in it and also it’s monotone.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.. It is actually the same photo as the one before this.. The background isn’t supposed to be pitch black.. My EOS 40D is actually still in the frame.. Hahaha.. Oh well.. I didn’t bother to take another shot with the illuminate flash..

That’s all for now folks.. Till then..

Guess I should sleep early tonight.. Just so that I will not be able to use the excuse “too tired” while I’m studying…


  1. Emily T says:

    I don’t geddit. Why is 10:10 sexy? Why not like a 8:03? And the flash diffuser so CUTE!!!! Yeah can double up as a neck rest too eh!

    I think you need a new watch!

  2. ye says:

    i know u aredi said it, but i’ll say it again:

    it looks like a pillow. :p

  3. kinz says:

    em: I don’t know.. Don’t you notice why watch/clocks ad/printup/posters are all showing 10.10?! Neck rest? Hmmm.. Okayy.. Will consider.. Yea I want a new watch.. Wait wait.. Will get one soon.. 😀

    ye: hahaha.. okayy.. Please don’t rest your head on it when you see it next time k? It looks really tempting but please don’t k?

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