Posted: 22 March, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Happy Birthday Jason!. It was Jason/SmashpOp’s Birthday. He invited a bunch of a friends to have dinner at Papa John’s Pizza @ Berjaya Times Square yesterday for dinner.

Most of the people who attended are dSLR users themselves. So as usual, lotsa clicking and snapping along the way. This is one of the very rare ocassions where I get to eat out with a bunch of photographers. It was quite fun. Usually, when I eat out with other non-photogs friends, they would complain about how much time I will spend on taking photos of the food before they can actually eat them. Most of them, especially Vincent will get really frustrated! Today, we had ample time to satisfy ourselves before digging in. We had a lot of time to snap photos of the food.

Before the food is served, we started taking photos of almost anything. My camera became one of the subject.

Then it was Ewin‘s Alpha A200.

Barbecue Chicken & Beef Pizza.

Fisherman’s Catch or something..

Breadstix which filled up 70% of our stomach. I don’t know why, but these lil branches/twigs/sausage look alike bread fills up our tummy reallllly quickly. -.-”

Round 1 of the War of iPhone Killers: LG Cookies Vs Nokia.

After dinner, I was self poisoning with Jason’s 11-18mm lens on his Alpha.. Goshh.. Wide angle is sweet!

First I took this..

Gosh.. Look how small does my camera looks now..


I got Ewin to snap this. So freaking wide man! Can see from head to toe, even when you’re across the table!

So damn wide! Behtahan! Geesh. Anyway, they are, Jamie (a new friend), Ewin, and SmashpOp.

Man I really am feeling for an Ultra Wide Angle lens. Time to save up for one man!

So after dinner, we went to watch Race To Witch Mountain. It was a super kiddy show. Nothing to hoo haa about. Not even worth RM8 from the pirate DVD vendor. Download it, and delete it after viewing. It’s not worth 700MB of your hard disk storage.

After movie, we all sort of went on our own way home. Ewin and I decided to snap a lil on the street of Jalan Imbi/Pudu cross junction.

Don’t I look lost?

The street at that time was much more quiet than the street in the day. I can leave my dSLR on the road to snap the photo above.

There were still cars on the road nevertheless. The city never sleeps!

And while I was shooting..

And that’s now my current profile pic on facebook!

Some pictures in this post is contributed by Ewin and Jason. Stay tune for further updates!


  1. ea says:

    You gotta take me out when I get back. Bring me round. I’m so outdated.

  2. ye says:

    u don’t look lost.. u just looked worried/scared of something u saw i think.. but nice pic nonetheless.. were u posing/natural? 🙂

  3. kinz says:

    ea: yea.. I’m missing a photographer buddy right now. And a midnight yumcha pal when I’m bored/hungry. 😦 Life is so dull without you… It is like a black a white photo of a rainbow.. Hahaha..

    ye: Really? I guess I was worried bout the “earthquake”.. It was natural ofcourse.

    Owhh man.. When are you both coming back? 😦

  4. ye says:

    -.- ur reaction so lag meh, now onli worry bout the “earthquake”.. haha aww coming back in july la.. very soon, don worry.. 🙂

  5. ea says:

    Yeah, what she said. We’ll be back before you know it 😉

  6. smashpOp says:


  7. Jan says:

    ooo…i like the last photo..so blue..nice! 🙂

    p.s: you still owe me the other group photos of the abandon house shoot.haha! :p

  8. kinz says:

    ye: 😀 not lagging but it lasted since then till now..

    ea: Faster laaa.. Lets go ber-shooting..

    pOp & ewin: ???

    Jan: yeaman.. I keep forgetting.. do nudge me the next time you see me on msn.. Hahaha.. Sorrry… Yea the last pic was shot by ewin..

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