Shoot & Drive!

Posted: 14 March, 2009 by kinz in Gadget Related, Random Snapshots
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Yesterday morning was one of the coldest morning in my 20 years life living in Malaysia. It poured, and then continues to drizlle the whole morning till noon.

Good day to break into my new Nike Jumpers.

Took a picture but it was sorta blur, my dad is a little panic when he has to use my chunky camera to snap photo.

During lecture, it was cold as anything colder than ice. Everyone was freezing. Glad classes ended early, I headed over to Peremba Square, Saujana, Subang immediately after my lecture to send my 40D for repair.

On the way, while driving, I set my camera into Av Mode (how would you expect me to shoot in full Manual Mode while driving a manual car?), enter an incorrect white balance in Kelvin, and then start shooting as I drove along Federal Highway.. No I did not stop for photos.

But I did wind down the window for this shot.. Only for this particular photo.

To Subang Airport we go! (We = me & my 40D)

Spotted something interesting on my side mirror.. Guess what I saw?

A wedding car! I even saw the bride and groom in the car, talking and laughing away.. I don’t know who they are, congratulations anyway..

1.5Km to go..

Reached Canon Service Center and the people at the service department were very nice, just that they had to tell me my camera repair was Rm500. As I state in the comment on the previous post, I almost shit in my pants. I was being told that if I talk to the head technician/manager, I may be able to get discount and maybe, just maybe, even better to get it fixed under warranty. True enough, later on the same day, I called him and I was told that he was able to absorb the repair cost, just that I have to pay a minimal service charge fee of Rm170. Yes Rm170 is a lot for service charge, but hey! It is much less than Rm500.. So immediately I shut up and say okay and thanks a lot! Yay!

Then later on the same day, headed over to LowYat as Zhen is considering of getting a HTC Touch HD.. Yup the RM3.4k phone.. Hahaha.. Then I went over to Vector Digital, the distributer of  Sandisk flash cards. Went over to their office looking very lost, I told them I had a faulty memory card.. Not exactly faulty, but I have a pin inside the card. I asked if they could remove the card. She asked her technician/boss, and came out telling me it is not possible to do so. The only thing she can do is to replace a new one for me. I was shocked.. I asked her, “Are you sure you are giving me a free replacement? Cause mine isn’t exactly spoilt. I wouldn’t mind sticking to my old card…” She said “Yupp.. Sure.. Do you mind having a new one?” And with a super wide smile on my face I said “Of course I want a new one.. But you sure?”

She went in and took a new card for me, sign some papers, and WHEEEE I HAVE A NEW ULTRA II 4GB Compact Flash card! Now the read/write speed has been increased too! Hahahha.. I am so happy.. Yay!

Went home from Lowyat at around 5pm.. Went over to work.. Slept along the way as I only had 5 hours of sleep the previous night..

And that was my day…

I am missing my camera badly..


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