Look ma I’ve grown up!

Posted: 13 March, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Gadget Related, Random Snapshots, Sneakers

As promised..

Now tell me that I’ve grown up! πŸ˜€Β  What do you think of my shirt? Hahaha..

Things have not been too good for me.. Tomorrow, or maybe the next morning, I will be heading over to Canon Service Centre at Saujana to service my camera. I stupidly broke one of the pins of the memory card slot. From what I’ve read on forums,Β  it is gonna cost me a fortune.. I am praying hard that Canon will do it for me for free as my unit is still under warranty.. Owh geesh..

So if you’re wondering where’s the broken pin..

So the golden pin is in there. I mean literally in the card.Β  So at the moment, my camera only reads the pathetic 512Mb card and not any others.. Even the one with the golden pin in it. However, my PC reads it. Sigh.. How stupid I am to break that pin..

And on the side note as I mentioned in the previous post, my phone kaputted badly. Repair costs a fortune. I sold it for good Rm150. Well it is not bad for a broken phone, which of course the buyer choose to repair and resell it at a much better price.

So I have to resolve to use this phone at the moment. Oh well.. I am still connected at least (via text and voice calls)..

So yea, I took all these photos above like about 20 minutes before I started typing this. I thought I should take some decent photos before sending my beloved camera to the “hospital” for service tomorrow and who knows how many donkey years I will have to live without it.

And so, I even took a photo or two about my rotation this week.

From the nearest to the furthest, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, Air Max 1 Gold, Court Force Stussy Leons by James Jarvis.

And look how spoilt we are with choices?

Everyday I wake up in such condition. Most of the times I ended up with a pair of slippers. πŸ˜€

Until this week, SuehLung told me that I have a lot of shoes and I have not been wearing them.. What a waste, and he’s damn right.

So yea.. Wish me luck and hope Canon will not charge me for the fix!

I will still write in this space while my 40D lies in hospital. I am already missing it.. 😦

p/s: photos above were lightly photoshopped. It was taken with off shoe flash. πŸ˜€

  1. ye says:

    -.- u damn proud of ur kid-photo huh. hahah. and sheesh, ur cam onli go for repair la, so dramatic la u. :p

  2. kinz says:

    I don’t know.. I think I look much cuter back then.. Hahahha.. Heyy.. My camera almost costs me Rm500 okayy.. And I almost peed in my pants when I saw the broken pin.. Then I almost shit in my pants when I saw people on the forum stated that the repair costs $USD200.. Then my pants almost dropped when they quote me Rm500 at Canon Service Centre.. Then when I call them back, I almost died of happiness when they told me that they would minimize the repair cost to Rm170.. Hahhaha.. Not dramatic k.. If you were in that situation, you’d be the same I tell ya!

  3. ye says:

    hahahah. ok ok hahah. wat a detailed situation u described. and oh, did u realise that ur kid-photo is directly next to ur current profile pic, so can compare.. and i shall not comment anything more. hahaha. :p

  4. kinz says:

    So if you have a choice now.. Which would you prefer?

  5. ea says:

    So kinz, you seem to have some bladder and bowel-movement problems when it comes to getting bad news. Maybe you should wear diapers just in case ;P

  6. ye says:

    do u really want me to answer that. hahaha. πŸ˜€

  7. ea says:

    We all know the answer to that ye, don’t worry. We know you like that lego man in the header, the one with the pirate hat πŸ˜›

  8. st says:

    Hahaha…. So cute…

  9. kinz says:

    ea #1 : geesh.. you notice that! i didn’t even notice that..

    ye: harr that bad meh?

    ea: lego man is out of the choice! it is just me or me.. πŸ˜€

    st: i know! thank you!! hahaha..

  10. ye says:

    lol! how well u know me, ea. :p

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