Cycle and Push!

Posted: 9 March, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

Last Saturday, Karl Son came up with something smart. He decided to bring us to Bukit Cahaya to cycle. Stupidly we agreed on that. Woke up and parted from my bed at 7am.. Left house at 7.45 and met the rest in awhile.

Reached the place at 8.30, and found out that the gate will only be opened at 9am. Four sleepy heads were bumming in the car while waiting for the gates to open.

While waiting.

Got in, tested some old rusty bikes before renting them. About after 50 metres, we were already gasping for breath. That was only the first hill climb. -.-” So we cycled around the place and reached to a few dead ends, cycled uphill and sped off downhill like some crazy kids, and the worst part was to find a dead end after a downhill.. That means we have to make a U-turn and climb up the hill we just came down.. Gosh.. That really kills.. After awhile, we ended up pushing our bikes up the slope..

It scares me even by looking at it.. And thanks to the smart guy who suggested we should go cycling that day. He was the one who decided we should take the extremely steep route.. Just for the fun of it.. We ended up pushing our bikes up.. I was lugging my camera with me. That adds like 200kg to the weight.

They wouldn’t let me stop whenever I say I am tired. So I had to use photo taking as an excuse to stop. That was my 2000kg bike..

Stopped at this “desert” look alike place. Where cactus were everywhere.

While the others went to walk around to see the cacti around, I was busy looking for what are on these cacti.

Yea I know I should have went closer.. Sigh..

Again I know I should have went closer. And also it was a little out of focus. -.-” I am getting worse in photo taking.

That was one of the reasons why I’d rather snap photos of the bugs than the cacti.

Spotted this while cycling. I somehow like to have the vignetting around the photo..

This dude fell from a tree to the ground. Thank God it didnt’ fell on any of us. Or else we will be shitting in our pants.

One of the dead ends. It was quite scary looking at the still waters. I wonder if there are crocodiles in there. To get there, we were gushing down the hill and it was hell of fun! Later we found out that it was the only way in and out. Geesh.. So we had to push our bikes up again..

It helps! Really!

Back to our never ending cycling route.

Spotted this dude along the way. He was trimming the plants with this chainsaw look alike machine.. Kicks ass I tell you!

Then we went to the four season house thingy. The place was cold.. This time it is spring.Β  There were many flowers in there.

It was very hard to macro them flowers as there were too many barriers in there.

Focused the wrong area.. -.-”

This was the best shot I had in there.. Others are all crap!

Came out of the freezer after that.

That’s when we came out of the freezer. Their glasses were fogged up. And then when I said “oi oi take photo!” I found out my camera lens were fogged up too.. -.-”

And that’s all of my sucky photos.. I need to brush up on my photo taking skills..

After a good two hours of cycling, we all went home with something with us. What’s that you ask? We all had pain in the ass thanks to the hard bicycle seats. Went home and crashed on my bed the whole day..

It was a tiring experience. And damn I will not bring my camera around if I were to take such disappointing photos next time.

Okie that’s all and it is time to get back to my studies..

Till then! See ya!

  1. ye says:

    haha nice pics! the 3rd last pic looks really nice, minus the wrong focus thing. haha. the place looks quite nice wert.

  2. Lil says:

    you pics look nice to me! πŸ˜€
    esp liking the last 4 =]

  3. kinz says:

    ye: really? dun lie.. thanks anyway.. the place looks nice.. but it was hell to my legs.. πŸ˜€ 😦

    lil: really? thanks then..

  4. chocolateangel says:

    hey kinz, i think i know where that is! i used to go there cycling as a kid, except my mum told me its called Agricultural Park or stg like that. =P if i rmb correctly they got some very nice plankways alongside imitation paddy-fields to cycle along wan. =)

  5. ahwai says:

    you guys really hardworking..

  6. kinz says:

    siewyen: really!? you cycle there when you were a kid?! wow.. sounds cool.. i’m not sure bout the imitation paddy-fields because i didn’t come across any..

    ahwai: hahaha.. not really actually.. we all kena con by stupid karlson.. at the end we all “siong cheh..” damn char dou..

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