Look Out!

Posted: 24 February, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots
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In just ten days or less, I went to Look Out Point for 3 times.. This is because, during the first time we went with a small group.. Then we brought more people on Valentines Day.. (Bringing the other halves la of course). After the second time.. Some of our friends came and say “OI!! WHY NEVER CALL!? FORGET US ALREADY LA?!?” Then we say okokok. This time, skaligus, one shot, hamplang, all in, everyone go to Look Out Point.. So yea.. The third time in ten days.. Petrol very cheap hor?

Anyway, this time I managed to bring my camera with tripod.. The first time I brought a real compact tripod, the second time I didn’t bring any camera other than my Nokia, and the third time I brought my camera with everything..

Looks like most of you guys already know that pictures overrule words in this space..

So yea, let the picture do the talking again..

I guess it is a much better photo compared to the previous one?

No one wanted to take photos.. So I went to camwhore myself and made myself the ghost of the city..

Ghost got lonely.. Ghost wanted a new ghost friend..

Then after taking some photos, we went over to Gasoline to chill out..

Stitched the two portraits..

My Sausage & Egg Noodle.. Which was a ripoff.. But according to AhBeng, he said I was expecting too much from them.. So yea.. 😦

French Fries..

I seriously seldomly rarely get a decent photo of him.. Now here’s one..

And I got a returning favour..

So yea.. Nothing much to hoo haa about Look Out Point since I went there three times in ten days.. Kinda bored already.. *yawn*

I am doing an event job now, might not be able to update this space as frequent, but I’ll do my best.. I am tired and I wish I have 48 hours in a day.. I would like to spend 15 hours to sleep..

Goodnight fellas! Take care and stay tune to this space!

  1. Andrew says:

    YES! 1st fellow to reply.. Aiee. Missing out on so many fun things you guys doin 😦

  2. ye says:

    u forgot… 😦

    haha. jk. :p

    love ur 1st pic! yes it’s much better than the last time. the colours are so nice. 🙂

  3. Pui Ling says:

    my picture is so ugly, why u post it up!! LOL

  4. kinz says:

    andrew : hahaa.. chill la.. my blog not many ppl comment wan.. very easy to get first.. ahhaa… yeaa time to get back on track..

    ye: -.-” nolaaa i didn forgett!!!! aahahha… now do you wanna frame it up? or put as desktop wallpaper? Send WALLPAPERPLEASE to 012 933 6811.. (telco charges applies..)

    pui ling: that’s how i can get you comment here.. 😀 wheee! Hahaha.. nola okie marr..

  5. Andrew says:

    haha.. I went to Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa today.. quite a nice place. crazy day of Ultimate Frisbee under the scorching hot sun..
    nice pics btw..

    Funny Pui Ling. I saw ur face with Vincent when my fren was reading his fren’s blog in uni.

    eh eh.. one weekend come down to Semenyih la.. I organize for u guys. I show u all the way and all..

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