Four Birthdays and A Farewell..

Posted: 14 February, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Last Saturday.. WOW!! That was a week ago.. So yea, we celebrated four birthdays which falls on both February and March. We had dinner at Souled Out at Hartamas. Nothing much happened, other than Brian stupidly went to order Capcicum juice just because it was in the menu and he felt curious..

As usual, here are photos from that night..

That was how his face looked like after the first sip..

That was how he looked like while taking a sip..

So when they knew we were celebrating 4 early birthdays.. They took out some props for the birthday peeps..

Looking as happy as ever..

Wonder where was michelle at that point.. So yea that’s Thiam Beng, Cze Wien and Brian.. Michelle is not in the photo.

The cake!

I NEED A WIDE ANGLE LENS! LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!!! No Brian and Cze Wien are not a couple.. But they do look good together huh? 😀

Blowww!! “wooohh woooshhh”

Don’t you think he’s the ga-yest person ever? Both in terms of happy gay and the gay gay.. Hahaha.. What say you?

Now what do you think? Hahaha.. I have a feeling I have too many photos of him.. I shall tag him for this post..


After dinner we went to Brian’s house to “pai nin”.. Gambled there, was winning till the last two I lost everything.. Geesh… But I could have lost more.. 😀 So a fair game is better than losing.

A shot of me at a very unique angle! Wheee.. I didn’t snap that..

Then we took some photos with my new remote! Whee..

One of the many groupie camwhore..

After that, they decided to have an “all girls photo”..

And they have it.. Why the guys never had an “all guys photo”? That’s a lil weird huh..

So that’s all folks..

Happy Valentines Day to all! Remember, valentines day is not just about your other halves! It is about showing love! That’s why I woke up at 10am to wash my car on Valentines Day.. Now that’s showing love! Hahaha..

That’s all folks!

  1. Brian says:

    This post is gay.
    Photos are great.
    Post is gay. 😛

  2. YongHua says:

    wireless remote? waaah
    brian is gayy

  3. marianne says:

    omg is sook teng n vincent like…together?????

    • kinz says:

      Brian : you’re always gay.. 😀 and thanks!

      yonghua: yup! i bought a phottix strato wireless remote..

      marianne: they do look like they’re together right? but no.. ahhaha.. i wouldn’t wanna see that.. would you? i think it could be a disaster.. hahaha..

  4. st says:

    hiah kinz… u’re not supposed to put that pic up…
    It’s for me to blackmail vincent… :p

  5. kinz says:

    You never tell!!

  6. st says:

    i said it out loud in the house >.<!

  7. kinz says:

    Oops.. I didn’t hear then.. 😀 Aiyohh not like his gf reads this blog anyway.. Hahaha..

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