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Posted: 6 February, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

Have been missing here for awhile.. I am sorry but my phone line was out for about 2 nights and therefore I have no internet connection to update this space..

Anyway.. Chinese New Year is not Chinese New Year if you don’t go visiting with your fancy new clothes and flashy jeans in the hot Chinese New Year weather.. Sweating all over and the moment you enter your friends/relatives’ house, you’ll quench your thirst with a pack of cold Chrysantemum tea packed by Drinho.. And that’s not all.. After quenching your thirst, you don’t know where to throw the plastic wrapper which wraps your straw.. Isn’t that the very typical Chinese New Year visiting mood?

So anyway.. This year’s Chinese New isn’t much different from any others.. Every year during the first Saturday of Chinese New Year, we will go visiting in each other’s house (friends).. Not many pictures were taken as I was busy fanning my sweaty hot self.. And I was too shy to pull my pervertic-papparazi camera when my friends’ parents are around..

So anyway.. The final picture..

So yea.. That’s us at the final house.. We started at around 9am.. We ended at 11pm.. Gossh it was a long and tiring day..

At sookteng’s house.. Spotted a pair of superr old vintage/retro/uncle/classic/old is gold looking shades.. It belongs to her dad I suppose.. I’m the new rempit in town! Went with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors High Full Black Leather.. Now all I need is a Yamaha RX-Z!

Yesterday, Thursday 5th February 2009.. I went down town with waiee to look out for good food.. It was all thanks to this guy by the name of Wen Yang.. He posted about Lee Tong Kee’s Ipoh Sar Hor Fun.. After clickin on it few days ago, I was savouring for some road side food from Petaling Street area.. I was thinking of either the famous Beef Noodle or the Ipoh Sar Hor Fun.. At the end, we went to neither but Koon Kee for their famous Wan Tan Mee.. I have posted here about the Wan Tan noodle before.. Anyway.. I had a double portion of Wan Tan noodle and it wasn’t filling enough.. As we walked around..

Mmmmhhhmmm… I am feeling for Wan Tan Mee for dinner…

After bout an hour or two, we reached Jalan Tun HS Lee which is just a block or two away from Petaling Street..

I saw Lee Tong Kee across the road.. I was like WOIIIIIIIIIIIIKK… Isn’t that what wenyang posted a few days ago.. Hmmm.. Must try…

It was a lil weird that the place is ran by an Indian lady.. Probably she’s just working there.. She speaks very fluent Cantonese…

Similarly to Koon Kee.. This place have been running for at least half a century already..

Anyway.. I’d prefer Soo Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun anytime over these.. If you have no idea where Soo Kee is, google it.. It is in Sea Park near the famous Nasi Lemak stall is.. They serve the best Sar Hor Fun with the best Pak Cham Kai in the whole wide world!!! Trust me! It is damn the fucking best!

After that we walked around the streets and passed by a few old watch shops… Then I started to look at Casio’s again.. And look what I got myself..

I figured I need something analogue with the non metal strap.. So there goes.. Another Casio for me.. Wheee… Now I shall look at the Data Bank or the one with the Calculator.. Wheee…

Then we headed back to Petaling Street for some Air Mata Kucing as madam requested…

And then to Times Square (to park our car)Β  Sg. Wang which we went in to many watch shops again.. Looking at old design Casio’s again.. And then we went to Mid Valley and this time we looked at something about 14times the price of my Casio..

So yea.. Magic of Love? Where’s my magic!

Hahaha.. Anyway.. If you wanna read more about Chinese New Year visiting, do pay waiee’s blog a visit.. She should be blogging about it soon.. Do take note that most of the pictures (maybe all) which will be appearing on her blog are taken by me! πŸ˜€

Photos taken at Petaling Street were taken with Canon Ixus 850IS..

That’s all folks.. Stay tune.. Will be blogging bout my lil new gears I have.. πŸ˜€

  1. ye says:

    madam?? -.-

    hahah ur magic? wait another 3 months la. i buy u the white face casio. hehe. πŸ™‚

    and oi, y u link me even before i blog about cny visiting! at least la wait for me to blog about it. lazy boy. :p

  2. ea says:

    Bastard! I like the watch weh! Cis. Don’t need to pay me, get me two watches cukup. Hhahaha

  3. rina says:

    the all buttoned up til’ neck.

  4. kinz says:

    ye: yess ma’m.. 3 months!? white face?! hmmm.. duwan white face lerr. hmmm.. d strap digital square one? or erm gold one? hahhaha.. maybe not.. yeaa i did that to make u blog even sooner..

    ea: nice lehh.. hmmm.. sounds cool also.. how can i pass to you? ship it to you ke? or pass to weny when he go to perth?

    rina: hahaha.. πŸ˜€ yup yup yup… is that very un-cool? 😦

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