A Strange Visit..

Posted: 1 February, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots

During the festive season, one would usually visit another’s family in their home.. You would have never guessed who’s house I visited on the 5th day of Chinese New Year, which is last Friday.

It was an abandoned house..

We, a group of photographers went to the abandoned house with hopes to snap nice photographs.

After awhile of investigating the place, we finally have the guts to bring our gears out..

There weren’t many subjects to shoot in there although the setting may be nice..

After shooting Patrick‘s Mexico 66..

I took my old beaten up Air Jordan 1 from the trunk of my car. Hoorahh I got a new subject.. That was when Patrick thought me a lot about multiple flashes..

From there, we moved on to the next subject..

The Sony Alpha A200 Jannifer..

She just bought a new Sony Alpha A200 (or at least I think it is an A200)..

Then I noticed Ken Gene puts his lil milk carton in his back pocket.. He’s the second person I know who leaves his drink in the back pocket.. (I am the first..) But he is the first who leaves a square one.. (I usually put bottle..)

This is what I wore to the abandoned house.. And if you noticed, Ken Gene was wearing the same shoe as I am.. Only in different colour.. Wait wait wait.. Is that a tummy? Hmmm.. It better not be..

Then moving on, to the next subject..

Patrick, the guy who lend me his 17-40L to me for part of the photo shoot that day.. And also the guy who hooked me up with my new Lowepro Off Trail 2.. And also the guy who is held responsible if I were to start on multiple flash photography..

Next.. Some smart fella discovered this!

Two abandoned toilets!

That was when the fun begins!

We took awhile to persuadeΒ eman to pop a smoke on the toilet bowl..

And then, the flash didn’t manage to fire.. Therefore we have a silhoutte picture of him..

Don’t be sad my friend.. You’ll be back in a couple of years.. πŸ˜€
Sorry if you wanted to post these photos first..

You can run, but you can’t hide… Or at least from the camera… (okie.. that was a lousy tagline…)

After about 2 hours in the abandoned house.. We finally took a set of group shots..

And then left the place…

The group shot.. Taken from my camera, JonMing and Patrick‘s Phottix, eman and Patrick’s 580exII flashes.. And the rest are Yong Hua, Jannifer, Ken Gene and Melissa..

That’s all folks.. Next up is Chinese New Year visiting.. I mean visiting vacant houses with families of course!

  1. pat says:

    omg…i’m in love with the 2nd pic of jenifer. ahhaha.. blue light!! nice shots! πŸ™‚

  2. jan says:

    ya ya..it’s a Sony A200 la..haha..

    nice pics except you didn’t photoshop my pimples.LOL. me like the group pic πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • kinz says:

      pat: thanks to you man.. hahaha..

      jan: well i have to keep it “authentic and natural” marr… but the group pic wasn’t taken by me.. hahah.. i only photoshopped it a lil..

  3. jan says:

    LOL..can’t you just let me have flawless skin?? haha..LOL..

    patrick took the group pic right?? haha..nice nice.

  4. ea says:

    Eh, Jan, shaddap you. My face macam bulan ngan my pimples oso the fella never do anything. Hahahaha. But I like the shot. The shit I go through for a good photo, eh?

  5. jan says:

    haha..eh eman, pimples on guys still ok wert..haha! Anyway your shots were damn nice lor…i like the silhouette shot the best. haha..can see the smoke..LOL.

  6. ye says:

    “Wait wait wait.. Is that a tummy?”

    This is called “fook”, according to Karl.. hahah πŸ™‚

    And since when did u leave ur drinks in ur back pocket??

  7. kinz says:

    jan: flawless skin doesn’t go well with the whole theme la.. ahhaha… that’s why eman’s picture is so nice.. he’s got a moon of face.. ehh.. face of the moon..

    ea: *imagines you in flawless skin*… ewwww GAY!!!

    ye: -__- tummy!? 😦 i don’t wanna be a fat boy… 😦 since erm everytime i buy bottle drinks and don’t know where to put them?

  8. kege says:

    kinz: yeah i keep bottled drinks in my backpocket but not usually packet ones. the packet one was empty. mel didn’t let me litter so I put it there first. Later on it became one of my shooting subjects. haha

  9. ye says:

    hahaha who says u’re not already.. hehe! jk jk :p

  10. Ewin says:

    wah nice. u and ur chaotut white balance again. lol

    • kinz says:

      kege : you left it there by the window anyway.. hahaha..

      ye: har!? 😦

      ewin: hahaha.. this time chao tut in a very “cold” wayy.. ahhaha..

  11. smashpOp says:

    saya pun mau joins! lol

  12. kinz says:

    Saya pun mau jumpa abang p0p.. Next time got photo outing we calling!

  13. rach says:

    hi there! i was just wondering, where’s this abandoned hse located?

  14. kinz says:

    The address is No.2, Jalan Universiti.. It is the first house along Jalan Universiti.. Opposite Universiti Hospital..

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