Reunion Dinner!

Posted: 26 January, 2009 by kinz in Family Occasions

Yesterday’s reunion dinner definitely kicked ass! My mom is a great cook.. and that is an understatement! Don’t believe me? You be the judge!

First off, just like every Chinese New Year reunion dinner, we’ll start with the Yee Sang.. Where we usher the New Year by stirring errr something?

I have no idea why my aunt is grabbing my cousin’s hand.. Or whoever that is grabbing the other’s.. Hahaha.

Sharks’ fin soup..

With scallop.. *swallows saliva*

Then we have the duck.

Australian Scallop or something like that with vege..

Steam fish! MMmmhhhmmm..

Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms..

Drunken Prawns..

Clams with Abalone..

I asked my cousin how was dinner and this was their reply..

Genevieve said goooood. It was wowsome!

Amanda didn’t say anything.. But she was already in mid air!

Dinner was fantabolously awesome.. Thanks to my wonderful great mom! *muaks* She’s the best cook in the whole wide world planet galaxy universe whatever that’s biggest.. πŸ˜€

Love you mom.. Happy Chinese New Year people!

  1. manz says:


  2. ea says:

    ROFL @ The last pic! HAHAHAHHA wtf wehhhh

  3. kinz says:

    manz: it’s gong xi lu la… ahhaha..

    ea: πŸ˜€ ahhahah..

  4. gene says:

    that hand is man’s. she was holding mine..she was saying: AIYAH!! must charp the chopsticks inside!!

  5. ye says:

    hahah cute last 2 pics! and ur mum’s dishes look so good! πŸ™‚

  6. kinz says:

    gene: oh no wonder.. Hahaha..

    ye: hahaha.. My siao cousins.. hahaha.. Of course la.. my mum’s dishes not only looked good but they taste good too..

    replied via mobile.. Whee!

  7. manz says:

    credits, meng! I took gene’s shot! πŸ˜€

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