Slrrrp.. Aaaaahhhhhh…

Posted: 16 January, 2009 by kinz in At Random

I’m dying to have that feeling now! Serve me a cold drink right now would ya?

I am currently craving for a cup of cold drink..

And coincidently, yesterday evening I was snapping photos of my glass of coke.. It was the very last glass of coke from the large coke bottle..


Resizing photos of these while blogging bout them didn’t help a wee bit!

Geesh! I’m gonna hit the nearest 7-eleven or KK Mart at least!
edited: YAY!!!!! Apparently a few minutes ago, my mom opened a can of rambutan with erm pineapple? stuffings in it.. So anywayy.. I’ve managed to quench my thirst! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

edited#2: I just got back from Ss2 7-eleven.. Got myself and my sister a large bottle of coke, got us each a Burger Daging Special Cheese and Burger Ayam Special Cheese.. And while waiting, I paid a visit to the Lok Lok (steamboat) van outside.. Had some pork balls.. I thought they upsized the pork balls.. Not too long later, I realized that they upsized the price too! It was RM2.50 instead of the ordinary Rm1.60.. But hell yea it was satisfying.. Thank goodness I didn’t have my second stick.. The last stick was very inviting… Hahahah.. Hell yea my supper was fantabulous!

The weather is hot isn’t it?

  1. pat says:

    Firstly, your coke shots are making me thirsty.

    Secondly, the honorary mention of the burgers from Bomba isn’t curing my hunger for Malaysian food.

    Damn it!

    Hahah. nice shots!

  2. kinz says:

    Firstly.. Thanks a lot.. I was quite amazed myself as the backdrop was a really spontaneous one.. Some used-wrongly-printed-but-still-clean-on-the-other-side-a4 paper..
    Secondly.. The bomba burger fella is getting lazier.. He only opens on whenever he feels like opening his stall (apparently he has “kursus”) and he closes SHARP or before 12am.. Geesh that sucks in’it? I got my burger from Ss2’s 7-11 instead..

    Thanks again! Looking forward for your constructive comments in every future blogpost.. 😀

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