Where did you go this New Year’s eve?

Posted: 5 January, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Were you at a happening spot in Klang Valley to countdown with half the nation? or did you go to bed early this year?

Well, for me I put a night at my sister’s apartment at Ken 3 Damansara with my friends.. The initial plan was to watch fireworks from and have a really good view of KL.. Not only I brought over some friends, I even brought some snacks, my camera and a tripod which I did not use.. Okie fine.. I did use, but it did not serve the main purpose of bringing the tripod over.. Brian on the other hand brought Absolut Pear.. All Absolut are Absolutely horrible.. Unless if you mix them well..

So anyway.. As mentioned on the earlier post, I failed to catch the fireworks on camera as I was aiming my camera towards KLCC and God knows why are they lagging behind the rest by a couple of minutes.. So I lost my patience and kept my tripod. Also it was because I was being a lil overjoyed beacause its New Year! That means a whole lot of new things.. And today.. I got a new pair of jeans! Wheee… So yea, I didn’t manage to get any fireworks shot at all..

This was supposedly a test shot before the fireworks.. Looks like that’s all I have..

And here are some pictures of my friends..

That’s Desmond and Cze Wien.. They came over because their initial plans were cancelled.. How ‘sweet‘ of them..

Michelle, Beng and their new baby.. Guys, you don’t wanna know what’s that in their hands, because that will make your girlfriend expect an expensive gift from you next time.. So don’t ask..

That is waiee and me.. Smiling awkwardly due to Michelle being a lil cuckoo after a glass of Vodka.. Don’t you know it’s tired to smile? And after smiling for awhile you will just smile without all your entire face smiling.. So yea, Michelle took a lil too long to snap a photo.. Hahaha.. Only the lil Tasmanian Devil in the picture smiled the right way..

After witnessing fireworks from different areas of Klang Valley from a distant, we played Taboo..

(picture may take awhile to load.. IT MOVES!!! so be patient)
It is always fun to have Brian around.. He tells us lame stuffs, he do things in his own funny/lame/gay way.. And everything about him is different.. He brings us liquor too! Owh you should see him play taboo.. It is really funny..

Then later at night, I mean later, when most were more cuckoo, guys playing wii, girls having girl talk.. I roamed around and took some photos.. That’s when I stood on the couch and say.. “HEYY LOOK UP!”


Then there was a “HEYY LOOK UP WAIEE!”

There are more photos, but not that nice anyway.. I wasn’t in a very photofrenzy mood.. So yea.. That’s all for now..

Stay tune for more “artsy fartsy” photos as I have been posting lots of photos of people.. Both friends and family during celebration and festive dinner/reunion/nights..

Till then!

  1. ye says:

    how come u thought absolut pear was horrible but u drank so many glasses. -.-

    “Guys, you don’t wanna know what’s that in their hands, because that will make your girlfriend expect an expensive gift from you next time.. So don’t ask..”

    Beng die lorr liddet.. ahaha

    hey the “look up” pics are quite nice. 🙂

  2. kinz says:

    ye: I was happy? Hahaha.. Of course the look up pictures are nice! I should have taken more..

    Brian: You’re gay!

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