Dinner Streak!

Posted: 31 December, 2008 by kinz in Family Occasions

Ever since 27th Dec 2008, we have been eating out and having celebration dinners every night..

First was post christmas dinner and pre cousin and aunt’s birthday at my aunt’s place..

The sampat cousins.. Switched “headwear” for every shot… -.-”

Happy Birthday to my Aunt (31st Dec) and Amanda (30th Dec)..

Then after dinner, we took family photo thanks to the tripod I borrowed from Faliq..

Here’s my cousins their family..
(L-R) Amanda, Uncle Phuah(uncle), Fritz (dog), Kor kor(aunt), Genevieve

My family!

And together.. We’re a big family! Hahaha..

Then the following day.. We had dinner at Jaya One with Aunt Soo See from Penang.. She came here to celebrate the New Year.. No pictures that day though..

Following day.. We had dinner again, with the family above and Aunt Soo See at Mum’s Place at Damansara Perdana..

Whee.. Mum’s place!

And then one of my cousin, Genevieve found out she has a special talent..

Now can you do that? Hahahah.. *wink wink*

That’s us.. All the cousins.. Owh.. That’s Adrian.. My cousin from Penang..

And that’s Umin.. He’s from Myanmar.. He works with my mom and he has been real close to our family for the past few years.. Say 5 years? Today morning, he has just left to Myanmar for good.. Hope to see him soon..

Red rubies.. Also known as Tub Tim Krup if I’m not wrong..

The following night.. We had seafood at some village near the old Subang Airport..

It was to celebrate her birthday.. I mean on the actual day itself..

Along came a drunkard, beer promoter her elder sister trying to steal the limelight.. Hahahha..

Okie that’s all for now.. Happy Birthday to Kor Kor! Happy Belated Birthday to Amanda! Best wishes to Umin who has left for his home country earlier this morning.. Lastly.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! May you have a joyous year ahead, better than any years before! Happy New Year peeps!

This shall be the last post to close 2008..

  1. WenY says:

    happy new year 😀

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