Lugging a dSLR into the wet and wild..

Posted: 20 December, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots
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Have you ever wonder how will it be like to lug your camera gears into the jungle for a 2 hours hike in the river? I just got back from one.. Headed to Templer’s Park with Vincent and Thiam Beng with an objective to find the end of the waterfall.. Which obviously we failed…

I was carrying a backpack with my camera, a tripod some spare batteries (in a ziplock bag), a macro adapter, flash gun, some spare clothes, a bottle of 1.5L water.. Hiked up Templer’s Park to find what is at the end of it.. We climbed waterfalls and went thru the leechy-bitchy-bamboos-fell-and-thorny-plants-all-over terrain.. My bag was heavy! No it is not thattt dangerous, at least I didn’t encounter any near death experience but whatever that is in my backpack almost was close to one.. What happen was I slipped on a rock, and I almost fell into the water.. The bag I am having, I doubt it can go all the way into the water without my camera gears getting wet..

Anyway.. Less talk.. Photos coming up..

I’ll start off with the waterfall photos..

By now I’m sure you are sick of waterfall photos already.. Anyway.. To continue with the sucky terrain we were taking.. I hate it when some plants/tree are clinging to the tripod hanging on my backpack.. I hate it when I am stuck.. What a bitch..

Now that’s a bitch leech bite.. (Not my feet.. Thankfully..)

Cleaning up the clot, several hours later..

Enough of being gross..

Now here’s some pretty for you..

Looks familiar? Looks delicious to me.. Somehow it reminds me of Onde-onde..

Toilet fly?

Semangat Muhibbah?

Ant at work..

Ants at work..

Watch your back!

Now smile for the camera.. The eyes somehow looked cute to me..

What do you think this is? A macro shot of an Orang Utan? Think again!

They are something like moss/mold kinda thing on the rocks.. Kinda gross huh?

Anyway.. That’s all for now.. Next up would be pictures from Pre Christmas party at Michelle’s poolside..

Stay tune..

  1. ye says:

    how did u slip?? and what happened after that?

    and eww at the leech bite.. whose leg was that? so kasihan..

    the pic u said the eyes look cute.. reminds me abit of wall-e, but i dunno why.. hahah..

  2. kinz says:

    Managed to gain my balance lor.. Steady marrr..
    Beng’s leg.. Hahaha.. Wall E? I was thinking maybe Bolt’s eyes.. Hahaha.. The innocent looking sparkling eye..

  3. email2me says:

    Wow nice pix you got there ….. Just dropping by to say hi and thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Cheers and have a nice day …. 😉

  4. kinz says:

    Heyy thanks.. You’ve got a nice directory for food, that’s how I stumbled on your blog.. Cheers..

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