Posted: 19 December, 2008 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots
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Went for a river hiking yesterday… Will update this space shortly…

More to come.. Does this picture look familiar to you? If you happen to play COD5, during the war against the Japanese, you will come across a map like this… Where one of the army is hung on the tree, and someone went to check, and then it’s you’ll find out it’s a booby trap and grenades suddenly is thrown all around.. And the next thing you hear is.. “BANZAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!”

Okie that’s all for now.. Stay tune for more in depth update on my River Hiking..

ps: After all that hiking with slippers and barefoot.. My feet hurt..

Therefore today, pampering my feet before heading out for some grocery shopping for tonight party..


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