Electric Feel Now!

Posted: 14 December, 2008 by kinz in At Random

Sun in the amazon,
With the voltage running through her skin,
Standing there with nothing on,
She gonna teach me how to swim…

MGMT –  Electric Feel

Nike+ iPod Electrified!

Today, had a 3km run after a good random day out..

Everything felt good, and I am electrified!

A few more runs before my battery officially kaput… Notice the power songs were pressed a few times.. Thanks to the great technology of the Nike+ shorts with the “special” compartment for the iPod Nano.. The “button” on the pants is pressed a few times to erm check my run status, instead it went to “Pausing work out.. Press Menu to end your work out..” Then I have to take it out, resume workout and when I press again, it pauses the workout again.. -.-” Then suddenly terpress Power Song, then ter-disabled Power song, then ter-press again.. Wuishh.. That Nike+ shorts is giving me a headache.. Probably I did not snug the iPod Nano into the compartment properly.. Will try it again another time..

I am electrified!

I said ooh girl,
Shock me like an electric eel,
Baby girl,
Turn me on with your electric feel..


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