Speedy Lightspeed!

Posted: 7 December, 2008 by kinz in Sneakers
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Nothing much to say about other than bumming around doing nothing.. Been visiting some warehouse sales and doing some usual runs..

Lunar Trainers on the road! Mmmmhhhmm… It is really soft and nice on the road.. Only for featherweight people.. So for those who are overweight, this might not be as soft as it is to me..

I’m surprise the Nike+ is still working while the indicator says the battery is low.. View my Facebook profile and click on the Nike+ mini below my photo to view my running mini.. Please make sure I keep that guy running..

Something I just got from the Adidas Warehouse sale today morning..

Wheee.. Now I can ball on the court again! TS Lighspeed for Dwight Howard.. Wheee.. Check out the 3-stripes-m 3m stripes! Blinging! 3d tags on the tongue.. KaChing! Got it for a good RM120.. Cheap? Well, cheap enough to be thrashed on the ball court.. Looks like it is time to get the ball bouncing! YAY!

I am happy with my purchase… Well if you ask me, what’s left at the Warehouse Sale.. I would say nothing much.. Tonnes of football boots, tonnes of ugly superstars and top 10 high.. Apparently the good stuffs were sold off by day 2.. I almost left empty handed.. Thanks to SuehLung who spotted these in my size.. Wheeeee…

I know someone who will not be happy knowing that I got a decent pair of Adidas Ball shoes for Rm120.. Hahahaha…

Will post more photos of the TS Lightspeed after I get my camera back from eman and I get my flash back from andrew..

  1. WenY says:

    I like your stationery holder 😀 I bought a pair of space tiger from Showroom today awesome pice. Was like 50% cheaper than friggin Aus price! N ehh adidas warehouse, where is it ar???

  2. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Thanks.. Space tiger.. Hmm thats a nice pair.. How much was it anyway? Retail + 30% discount? Shoes in Perth are freaking expensive aye.. I guess factory outlet is the only place you can find sneakers which worth every penny.. Adidas warehouse sale was last week or so.. Not sure if it has ended, but the good stuffs are pretty much gone.. It is at Taman Tun, near the Kiara Hill.. Converse warehouse sale is coming up next though.. Thursday at Jalan Tandang.. Be there or be freaking square!

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