Battery ran for Charity?

Posted: 3 December, 2008 by kinz in At Random
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Last Sunday, I joined my sister for her company’s charity run held at Taman Rimba Kiara.. I was shocked, when I realized that we were running up the hill and not through the housing area.. Anyway.. I am glad it was over and I finished in 6th place..

So anyway.. Here’s my running stats..

Only 6km.. But it was a killer 6km!

Guess what happened at the end of the run?

My iPod says the sensor is low on battery.. w00t.. It is only a year and a month.. Ran around 150km with it.. And it is giving way already..

Konon la Nike+iPod sensor can last very long and have some sort of “smart” power managing program and what not.. BOLLOCKS!

Made by the two giants in their own industry.. Together they make irreplaceable batteries.. Guess who’s fault it is? His name ends with the word JOBS..

Hahahah.. Anyway.. I am looking forward to replace the sensor.. Anyone willing to give me as a Christmas gift? I will be more than happy to accept that..

And by the way.. I have facebook after a million years! So do add me.. (inferneoo_88[at]

  1. Ewin says:

    no internal batt for u to change one ar? lol.

  2. kinz says:

    Barang barang made by Apple where got battery replacement wan?

  3. ye says:

    i tried to comment twice today when i was at work but somehow the comment doesn’t appear.. -.-

    and er yay u have facebook.. hehe *smiles*

  4. lorddrew says:

    hey Kinz.. I salute you on making 150 km with that thing. I ran about 4km today so tired!!! weak like mad!!!

  5. kinz says:

    ye: yea yay for you..

    drew: 150km in a year isn’t anything.. 150km should be achieved in a month or two.. hahaha..

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