Back in Time..

Posted: 2 November, 2008 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Do you remember how your first watch looked like?


Remember this?


Apparently these were re-retroed by Casio.. And Andrew has lots of them..

And this is another one of his..

And this is another one of his… Geesh.. I really want one of these…

He even have one in Gold..

Had a very lonely weekend.. Both my parents went to Pangkor Island with their friends and my sister is still working in Phuket.. I was so lonely that I texted 5 friends for lunch, 4 replied instanly with a “No not free” or “No, got exams tomorrow” and 1 didn’t even reply until I have finished my lunch..

That was how sad my weekend was… I am glad that the weekend is almost over..

  1. rina says:

    LOL! How old school is that!
    Yours remind me a bit like mine too but not Casio though

  2. kinz says:

    Rina : hahaha.. cool huh? No they are not mine.. I couldn’t find mine anymore.. I usta have a few of them.. Damn..

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