Lunar Looner..

Posted: 24 October, 2008 by kinz in At Random, Sneakers
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Another 5km was accomplished today at Lembah Kiara.. Two rounds around the trail (1 clockwise and 1 anti-clockwise) , and 1 round around the lake.. Very satisfying.. Rewarded myself a bottle of soya bean milk at the end of the run.. Damn it’s expensive.. Rm2.20 for a small bottle.. Hmm.. It has been awhile since I’ve bought soya bean milk from d street..

Quite consistent, looking at the fact that there were quite a number of uphill climbs.. So yup.. This is my run today..

Today it was a lil different though..

I was running with these…

Nike Lunar Trainer+ (Noticed the 3M reflective on the front panel? It really does go Ka-CHING!) [photo was shot with Nokia N80i.. Hence the lousy focus.. -.-“]
The selling point of these is to make the running surface soft yet responsive for your foot.. As if you’re running on pillows, just that the pillows are soft and springy..

These were really really soft I would say.. At the Park, there was a hanging bridge, it was really bouncy.. After the bridge, I still somehow feel I was on the bouncy bridge when I saw d route.. With me was Kevin, whom I just met earlier today.. He felt the same too..

The arch support of the shoe is kinda bad.. Almost as if there isn’t arch support at all.. It kinda hurts after awhile..

Owh by the way.. These are not mine.. I just went over to Lembah Kiara at Taman Tun for the Nike Lunar Trainer trialing.. They have lotsa sizes for you to slip your feet on and take a run/walk/crawl/fly/drive.. It’s free, you just need to handover your IC/Driver’s License while you’re having the shoe for security purposes..

Do check them out when you come across a Nike booth at a park/gym near you.. Don’t be shy..

So yupp.. That’s all for now..

Stay tune for more..

  1. manz says:

    now your new shoes can match mine! just more expensive, if you wanna compare the price.. haha..

  2. kinz says:

    I didn’t buy them.. I only tried them for the run.. -.-” Hahaha..

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