Run baby run!

Posted: 23 October, 2008 by kinz in At Random

Today, weather was good.. Apa lagi?

And oh.. I had a new haircut.. Still the same, a bit more indecent.. Hmmm…

Okie, dinner time.. I’ll edit this post if I have anything to add…

Till then.

  1. annie says:

    oi. i shifted blog k.
    and linked 99 u.

  2. ye says:

    indecent?! what do u mean by that?? hahah… and hey did u made the picture animated or wat.. so cool wan! :p

  3. kinz says:

    annie : okie dokie.. blogroll updated! thanks!

    ye : hmmm.. means ar? not so kwai looking lorr.. look more like a bad guy.. and then horrr.. doesn’t worth as much as I pay lorr.. coz they cut very little.. okie I shall stop talking like a baby..

    yup! that’s animated.. cool lehhh? [mmm]

  4. rina says:

    What does the red circle in between indicates?
    Let me roughly guess about your hair, is it like mohawak but not exactly? 😛

  5. kinz says:

    Lil circles indicate that when you press on the iPod to listen your running stats.. Big red circle indicates when you press for the “POWER SONG” for your “boost” Mine didn’t seem like a boost at all.. In fact, I ran slower.. Hahahha..

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