Sunrise in Gif

Posted: 12 October, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots
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I woke up at 6.15am, thinking hmmmm, I wanna see the sunrise today.. Pack my camera gears, tripod, put on my Windrunners, slip on my flip flops, get into the car and rushed to my sister’s condo which is just a few blocks away..

And hoorah! I got my sunrise photos.. At first I was quite disappointed, because I thought it wasn’t as beautiful as I thought.. As I waited longer… Wooo, it was a bit prettier.. Still it wasn’t as good as I wished it was..

Here’s an animated GIF of the sunrise for now.. Will post more still photos after my dinner..

It could be better if I didn’t play with the settings for all the shots taken…


Darn! I am so lazy to continue with this post..

By the way.. The GIF file above was replaced with a newer one (4 frames added), now it looks better than the previous one…

Anyway.. Here are two more photos..

For your info, the sun isn’t that red.. And the rest of the foreground isn’t that dark.. It was manipulated by the White Balance temperature and exposure level is set to a very low level..

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes… (uncropped!)

That’s all for now.. I know it’s boring.. But I’m really bored… Bear with it until an interesting post pops up..

See ya..

  1. ye says:

    haha the new gif is much better! 🙂 how long were u there taking pics anyway?

  2. kinz says:

    ewin : thanks..

    ye: ofcoz! 😀 around an hour..

  3. DIn realize that KL has such a lovely sunset… guess i do need to come back often for it… ; )

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