Charlie Boasters..

Posted: 8 October, 2008 by kinz in Gadget Related, Sneakers

Tidy up my room a bit the pass few days, but looks like my desk is messy again.. Anyway.. Nothing much happened lately other than being sick over the weekend.. I feel a wee bit whore-rible.. Yea I still feel it right now.. Feeling like a bitch.. Owhh whatever…

Remember how I usta take pictures of my bookshelf without books every time after I clean them? Here’s an update for it..

For your info, as stated on my MSN personal message, I am clearing off some of my shoes.. None of the shoes on the display shelf above are for sale.. And I mean none.. What I am planning to sell are my used sneakers which I seldom wear them anymore.. I will post some pictures up when I feel like doing so…

As the Alpha peeps have their own Alpha journey as submission for the contest, I do not have much to share or to boast about.. And after going thru my old and new photos, I wonder.. What’s the point of snapping these photos? What do I have to show and what do I get? (other than some freelance work I’ve picked up)

I only have gigabytes of photos snapped with my Canon S3is, EOS 400D and now my EOS 40D to show.. And I don’t even show (besides what’s on this blog..) If you ever look at my old blogpost, you’ll notice what shitty pictures I usta snap with the Canon S3is.. Looking back at the photos really tells how far I’ve came to in the Photography world.. If you look at my current photos (probably even those in this blog entry or the ones few days ago..) my photographs may look like crap, but take a look at those I’ve shot 2-3 years back.. I have nothing to say, but I’ve IMPROVED!

Ahhh.. I remember, when I had my S3is, group shots of probably 15-20 of us were snapped with a timer with 10 consecutive shots, with different poses and expressions in every shot.. And group shots may reach up to 20-30 photos.. With the 400D, with the same group, group shots were snapped with a *mock up* Canon RC-1 Remote on my Dell Axim X51v via the NoviiRemote Software.. As consecutive shots were not available on the EOS system, I’ll just click on the *mock up* RC-1 whenever we are ready with new poses.. Now both the 400D and Dell Axim has gone to another owner.. I have not taken any group shots (with me and the same group of posers/models/photogenices/wateverwatever) with the EOS 40D yet.. I wonder how will it be? Remote shooting from a lappie? Or even better, group shot taken with a fisheye lens! That will definitely kick ass!


Photography definitely is an expensive hobby..

And these are the 3 tubes of glasses I am currently using..

Sigma 28-300mm f3.5-6.5
Canon 75-300mm f4-5.6IS
Canon 50mm f1.8

You may probably think I am just another faggot boasting about his gears and sneakers on his blog.. Whatever, boasting with gears doesn’t give you extra credits, boasting with good photos does.


Boasting faggot goes offline..

  1. GammaBoy says:


    Doing freelance ke? How much per hour? I’m looking for photographer for my events.

  2. Jwan says:

    nice collection of kicks dude…

  3. kinz says:

    gammaboy: err sort of la.. but on and off la.. really? hmmm.. lets talk on msn bout it.. 😀

    jwan: thanks..

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