Utilizing the Selphy..

Posted: 25 September, 2008 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Remember the Canon Selphy I won?

Here is what I did with it..

Confused and undecided which lace colour to go with your pair of sneakers? Saves a lot of time from retying it over and over!

Cable management! This is really useful up to today.. šŸ˜€

Owh. I am sure most of you noticed the different blog layout.. Some of you even wonder if something went wrong in my blog header.. Actually yea.. Kind of.. The blog header is actually a picture which was transformed by 6 other photos of different parts.. It is some sort of collage.. But due to the allowed picture size by wordpress layout, I hafta crop from the original photo… So yea.. Here it is..

So yea.. Here is how it looks like actually.. It was my first time working on a collage…

Lately, I have been hanging out late at night.. With Andrew, Meph/Kwee Jin & eman.. From nasi lemak at Jalan 222 to Kayu Nasi Kandar.. Starting from as early late as 12am till as late early as 6am.. Hahahah… And then after that they’ll drop by my place to take some photos of Andrew’s new pickups, while pairing up my Sigma 530 DG SUPER flash with a Panasonic Lumix LX2.. Hahaha.. Weird combination? Photos produced are not bad aye!

And then Meph will usually be surfing for more kicks to racun…

That was when I got this snapshot of him..

This is Meph.. The future of male modelling icon..

Okie.. I gotto run.. It is siewyen’s farewell in a few minutes.. She’ll be leavingĀ  for UK tomorrow night.. See ya.. and till then!


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