Take a Fat Dip!

Posted: 17 September, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots
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How would you like have a cool dip on a sunny day?

And I bet you are hoping to have some photos of people in the showers or having a nice dip…

Now here are some fat creatures taking a cool dip and showers.. Its not what you think it is..

Eman and Lisa decided to hit the zoo in the evening and I tagged along… Yup.. To the zoo.. Again..

Damn.. I just realized they both have updated their blogs.. So yea.. Click on both the links if and only if you finish going thru mine.. 😀 Damn they both are fast! Similar subjects though..

Elephants in the shower!

Having fun!

Done having a quick dip..

“I can be calm..

“I can pretend to be deadly too!”

A very buffed up buffalo..

Mouse deer? Or whatever deer it is..

It only happens in fairy tales.. Trust me..

A caged pigeon.. How sad..

Same cage, different bird..

Pan that stork! Influenced by eman

Non stop panning flying objects!

Stork eye view…

So yea.. That’s all for now.. And owhh. I am quite sick of the Zoo. The smell, the feel, the sound, the animals.. Damn.. I am bored of it..

I took only around 130 shots today.. Deleted bout till bout 60 photos.. 😀 As usual.. I have something bout deleting photos.. Hahaha.. So yup.. Thats all for now.. G’nite!


Quote from eman…


Took us..

  1. ea says:

    Eh your pics pun best what.

    But the zoo itself.. hmm.. Tak gempak sangat kan? Maybe we should do a perdana tour or something. Hahah. Check out that place.

  2. tak gempak langsung kot. :/

    oh and thanks for the lens !

  3. kinz says:

    ea : err ok je la… zoo memang tak gempak langsung… boringg gilerr bebabi hutanss… i got some ideas.. hahaha.. but need to wake up early though.. you up for it?

    lisa: yealar.. so boring until you had to take photos of peoples in the zoo rather than what’s exhibit. i loveeee ur blog layout.. its nice.. dun worry bout that lens. not using anyway.. 😀

  4. why use flash? shooting the elephants bathing?

  5. kinz says:

    Was taking some birds elsewhere.. Quite dark in there.. Then lazy to take in and out marr.. So might as well leave it there lorr..

  6. ea says:

    ^Fill flash, beb 😉

  7. pixellens says:

    Beautiful shots. I like the painted storks flying and close up.Thanks for sharing

  8. kinz says:

    Thanks for dropping by.. Painted? I think you probably mean panned.. Still.. Thanks anyway..

  9. jonming says:

    kanenah bo hamsap lou boogeemak pangsai ownage. And i thought i had 1 good photo when i went there. I look at yours and eman’s, now I’m back to level zero. kanasai.

  10. kinz says:

    Hahhaha.. Mine isn’t that great la.. Chill pill mate.. Lemme know when you’re free to go out for photoshoot or something..

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