Sueh Lung & Siew Yen’s 20th Birthday!

Posted: 16 September, 2008 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Happy Belated Birthday to both SuehLung & SiewYen.. We celebrated their birthday at Pantai Seafood Restaurant as an alternative to Klang Seafood..

I am quite lazy to type things.. More over I am not supposed to online at such odd hours.. Sorry..

So let all these photos do the talking..

Feel free to leave comments on the photos (not the people..)

I skipped the dinner and before dinner as I was busy peeling sheels of crabs, prawns, crabs and prawns..  So yea..

Blow babyyy blow!!

Michelle & Sook Teng..

After the dinner.. We just hang around outside, while waiting for someone to come out with the next activity..

A kiss for the birthday boy?

A year older a year lanci-er cooler..

Siew Yen says “Awww.. My birthday wishes this year better come true!

Do I need to say anything?

He’s single if any of ya’ll are interested.. (Sexayy looking aye.. Probably horny..)

And someone decided on going to McDonalds and there we went.. *POOF*

Color pens for writing our messages on the card..

  1. ye says:

    i like the pics! haha…

    “He’s single if any of ya’ll are interested.. (Sexayy looking aye.. Probably horny..)”

    HAHAHA. I think he looks horny in that pic too. Hahahaha.

    Ok ok jk zhen! pls don kill me. =D

  2. ZhenQuan says:

    LOL…fine,both of u gang up and bully me edi laa…liddat la now…nvm,i lose i lose…i wait till end of the year!

  3. kinz says:

    ewin : hahaha. we shall go shoot some photos again some day…

    ye : thanks.. i think he memang was horny kwaaa? dunno… *-) will zhen kill you? hahaha.. i doubt so..

    zhen: where got? w00t.. but u memang look horny marr..

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