Drop that Zero!

Posted: 1 September, 2008 by kinz in Gadget Related
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Weeeeee.. Another Canon pick up right here…

Thank you.. Thank you and Thank you…..

  1. nenebubuchacha says:


    why is everyone upgrading?
    money datang dari mana ni…..


    now u left me alone in entry lvl. …

    so chun edi la now..argh

    ill get my a700 or a900 FF. hahahha dreams..

  2. rina says:

    Where you got that from, seriously?

  3. Chad says:

    wah banyak duit.

  4. smashpOp says:

    u sure or not.. u don fotoshop la u… ahahha

    ookoko kidding 😀

  5. kinz says:

    nenebubuchacha : where got? camera so chun for wat? my skill still not as chun as you…

    rina: huh? where do u think I got i from? 😀

    chad : if really manyak duit.. i beli flash flash and chun wide angle lens liao lorr…

    pOp: aikk.. shhhh… not so loud la dey.. *shy*

  6. Firzen says:

    Eh!!! buy camera tak ajak.

  7. kinz says:

    Har? Beli camera pun kena ajak!? :S

  8. ea says:

    Hey, welcome to the club 😀 rofl

  9. safwansay says:

    im used that old kinda model.
    cheapest canon dlsr ever.

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