Organize Me!

Posted: 30 July, 2008 by kinz in Sneakers

Sorry, and nope I am not gonna abandon this blog for too long… I’d been quite busy lately.. Not really busy, just lazy.. Collecting dust on my camera.. Yesterday, I came up with an idea.. Not really an original idea, who cares… So yea, below is a photo of what I just did..

That’s not all.. Will post more later…

Wooohoo.. Now I won’t have problems going through my sneakers again, and I can just glance at the boxes to see what I feel like wearing.. Hmmm.. Awesome huh?

I can be organized too!

I feel empty at times..

  1. nenebubuchacha says:

    waaaa printed it urself?

  2. kinz says:

    Yup yup yup! Hahaha.. Cut the photos myself too!

  3. rinachew says:

    I almost wanted to ask the same question as Yong Hua.
    Very semangat-ed indeed.

    Dude arh, are you married to Nike? 😛

  4. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Semangat? Errr.. Okay okay la…

    Married to Nike? Where got.. There’s 1 puma and 1 adidas in d pic marr..

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