LangkaWeeeee Day 2..

Posted: 12 July, 2008 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

On the second day.. Got up at about 8/9am.. But lazed on the bed till 12pm.. It was drizzling..

At about 1pm.. We headed off for lunch at a Nasi Kandar place at Cenang Beach and then off for Island Hopping..

Mr Speedy Yamaha Enduro which almost got me flung out of the boat with my camera… What a bitch..

One of the many views from the boat… Sky wasn’t as blue.. It was just after rain..

At one of the few islands.. We were welcomed by this dude which was munching on a pack of Magic Rings.. Thats the reason why it’s mouth was orange…

Mommy and baby out on a sunny afternoon..

And guess what my smart friends found caught?

A crab!

Not any ordinary crab, but it was a heavy weight champion crab!

That wasn’t all.. There were more, but I guess I went somewhere else to take photos..

And then.. Back at around 6pm.. We headed to a nearby night market and we had dinner there… Stopped at a nearby convenience store to stock up ice and more booze for the next activity…

And you should know what happened after that….

That’s all for now, stay tune for Day 3.. Sorry for the disappointing post/photos.. I’m off to bed now.. Kinda tired… Probably lazy..

  1. WenY says:

    ehhh how come no eagle feeding one 😦

  2. kinz says:

    Got but my shots of eagles at the zoo were better.. So I didn’t post it up here.. :D.. Damn susah laa to take the eagle.. Damn fast wooo.. More over harsh sunlights.. 😦

  3. wah last picture backlight eh! shud have turn around..

    and wah. use 3 diff lens at the beach ar?
    I can see 18mmkitlens, 300mm zoom and 50mm prime.

    somemore at the sea also take ar.. not scared masuk water ke/?
    not weather proof worrr?got use plastic ar? haha

  4. kinz says:

    Backlight? Hahaha.. Simply snap only.. I was having fun..

    Hahaha.. Yeaman… I wish to have an 18-200, so it’ll be much easier when during travelling..

    If I keep in the bag, the bag also can drop into the sea marr.. So why not just hold and snap photos all the way… No man.. No plastic.. Underwater casing for the compact only.. Which I didn’t really use also..

  5. yellowbanana says:

    LOL..!!! The crab is so cute..!!! Kaka…xD

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