If Cinderella were to wear socks..

Posted: 14 May, 2008 by kinz in Sneakers

As most of you know, I will get all hyped up when I see transparent or neon colorway sneakers.. So yea.. On the evening of my birthday, a very kind soul gave me a call to ask whether if I am interested in an all transparent Converse All-Star.. After a lil negotiation, I picked up the deal! I am big fan of sneakers with transparent panels..

Cheq out my new converse featured in “that very kind soul’s blog“.. Thanks a lot! I am loving this till bits!!

Here are some pictures..

That is it with a bunch of my socks..

If you were to wear transparent sneakers, you definitely need to have one of these! Only Cinderella has beautiful feet to show thru these see-thru footwear..

If I ever quit collecting sneakers.. (That will only happen after I have at least 7-8 pairs of transparent sneakers.. Which I think I still would quit the game..) I’ll start collecting socks! So yea, if you can’t think of a gift for me.. A funky colourful sock will do fine!

Suehlung is selling a pair of Air Force 1 Premium Low ’07 Toronto.. Priced around Rm380 (retail at RM429).. Brand New In Box, size 10US.. Hit me if you’re interested…

They are up for sale on Streething.com..

That’s all folks!

  1. yellowbanana says:

    OMG.. i never see such a socks b4… COOL..!!! xD Yay.. i was in 1U last nite… Dint notice u bro…

  2. siewyen says:

    i like your socks!!! btw, how did u photograph them? cuz when the pic looks like the socks are standing up on their own instead of lying on floor…

  3. kinz says:

    yellowbanana : hahaha.. those socks are available at local nike stores.. I saw you hunting around for spots to snap photos last nite..

    siewyen: thanks! they do look like their standing up?! hmmm.. probably it is the way you look at it.. i just put it on a white background and snap from above.. that’s all..

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