Stuffs for Sale!

Posted: 5 May, 2008 by kinz in Gadget Related

Lately, I’ve been selling off quite a lot of my stuff.. Two – three days back I sold 2 pairs of shoes from my collection, and 2 more pairs will be going off this week.. Now.. My beloved Dell Axim x51v is going off too!

Leave me a message if you’re interested.. I listed RM950 on forums, it is negotiable..

Here are the photos..

Everything in that picture will be yours!

The actual unit..

I hate to say this.. but.. THE SCRATCH….

The back..

The connectivity cables, cradle, charger and VGA output cable.

Two batteries, Compaq’s 56k modem on Compact Flash for the Dell, SD cards including the one brand new sealed in it’s package.

The CD’s, user guide and manual, and 2 Martin Fields Screen protector (worth RM59.95 each!)

The cases.. 2 Leather bi-fold and 1 Original Dell slipcase.

Most of the items above are original Dell accessories which were included in the package and/or purchased online.. For more info.. Check out my Sales Thread..

So if you ask, why am I selling my stuff!?

The answer is..

I have found someone to love and I am saving for a house and preparing my marriage soon!

Until then…

Komodo BBQ will be updated soon! Really soon!

  1. ye says:

    “I have found someone to love and I am saving for a house and preparing my marriage soon!”

    What?! How come I dunno bout it?? Hahaha. When will I get the wedding invitation? 😉

  2. suehlung says:

    seriously.. y r u selling ur stuff n kix?? raise funds for parras?

  3. kinz says:

    wahhhh ye.. it’s been awhile since you left a comment here…

    wahhh sl.. it’s been awhile since you left a comment here and have not seen you for a very long while edi…

    what’s wrong with the reason I state above?! Which part of it you didn’t believe?! 😥

  4. sl says:

    everythin… wat u wanna bring in.. tell la.. share share abit.. are they bringin in am1 10ac

  5. kinz says:

    wooo.. the am1 10ac damn stim kann!? hahahha.. yeaman! damn onsss.. not sure man.. just hope lor..

    nola.. i was thinking of getting a new phone.. samsung i780, blackjack2.. so I need to raise funds lorr… geesh.. issit really hard for someone to believe i have found the love of my life!? damnit! i’m that bad mehh!? =(

  6. ye says:

    hahaha it’s not that u’re bad la, juz that u added the “soon” at the back which makes it unbelievable… hehe… but u see, we know u so well, in the end the real reason is coz u wanna get a phone! =p

  7. ZhenQuan says:

    Hahahaha…everyone dun believe wat u said at the end there…wanna con oso con more realistic things la…wahahahahaha

  8. yonghua says:

    HAHa, how can a gadget freak like you sell of those stuffs just for your marriage.
    to you those gadgets and sneakers are more important than your marriage!

  9. suehlung says:

    u go korek info.. if got den i wanna trade/sell off for it if can lor.. mine still ds..

  10. ea says:

    I believe you. So who’s the special guy eh?

  11. kinz says:

    ye : will there be much difference without the soon!? -.-”

    zhen : what if it is real!?!??!!? damn sad la weihh… con you got what benefits worr!?

    yonghua: wahahhaha.. well said man but it’s not true.. ahhahahha i don’t wanna spend the rest of my life with gadgets.. hahahahah… i wan both!!

    suehlung : not sure man.. will try to dig for more info.. talache zoom air woven available at nike culture.. i just saw just now.. quite racun!!!

    ea : WADAFARKK!!!!!!!

  12. rinachew says:

    At first I thought all the comments in this post would be referring to your selling off stuffs but then woah , marriage …

  13. kinz says:

    Yealarr.. I thought so too.. Belardee hell..

  14. suehlung says:

    nak tumpang ur st thread can ah? coz its droppin by soon…

  15. kinz says:

    bolehh. bring ur shoes to my house.. tomorrow can!? ahhaha…

  16. fiq says:

    hey man… the dell seems interesting… i am interested and so is my sis… she is asking for the specs… how old and best price… she is looking for her first pda and not willing to spill too much… so… BEST PRICE?

  17. kinz says:

    You can get the specs from here…
    My highest offer now is RM800.. I’m most likely dealing tomorrow(saturday).. Do drop me an email or something for further information..… Sorry but the item is strictly for COD only.. I don’t do shipping.. Sorry..

  18. romy says:

    how much for the pda?
    is it still available?
    how much?

  19. kinz says:

    Sorry, it was sold long time ago..

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