Komodo TV Interview.

Posted: 23 April, 2008 by kinz in Sneakers

Here I continue from the previous post… Last Saturday, the Komodo Ninjas were interviewed by RTM1 about our hobby.. Yea sneaker collecting.. For those of you who has no clue about what Komodo Ninja is, Komodo Ninja is a group of friends family formed by 23 sneakerheads based from streething.com.. (names which are used in this post will be mostly nicknames we usually use in our forum/streething.com)

Last Saturday, 17 of us, made up to 17th floor of Dumexkids’ house at Mont Kiara. So yea.. Here are the pictures…

At the carpark of dumexkid’s crib.. Unloading the sneakers from the car to the lift to the house.. That’s spoonman carrying some customized shoes and customized bearbricks for his very own interview session..

c1p4n showing you to the elevator.. That’s not all.. We took two trips to get 200 pairs of sneakers up… Not including 1 more trip to elevate the rest of us..

From the entrance of the house..

Massive mess!

This was meant to be posted on the previous post.. I was kinda lazy though..

So yea.. that’s the interview.. Don’t you think its more of a family than a group of friends!?

Spoonman having his interview session..

So yea.. The shoes we brought.. There were about 210pairs according to someone who counted.. And the value of the shoes are approximately RM100k.. It’s true!! And that is only true if you take the average price of a shoe as RM500.. I can assure about half the collection there is worth more than RM500 per pair.. It took us awhile to believe that the entire collection is worth about RM100k.. Hahaha.. And that’s not all.. That is not even half of our collection.. So do the math!

Some of the heats..

DUNK SB X ROYALEFAM SBTG Friends & Family Pack.

Reebok Court Victory Pump X Alife.

Futura X Lance Armstrong Nike iD.. These are rumored to be limited to 500 pairs in the world.

This pair is about 30 yrs of age! Seems that it is older than most of the Komodo’s..

After the interview.. We chilled, lepak and some were playing with the miniature pool set which was seriously cool!

Streetsta already doze off at the sofa..

c1p4n showing off the Komodo Ninja stickers which will be out soon..

M3phisto was busy trying out OTHER PEOPLE’s shoe.. Hahaha..

And I managed to get this picture.. Thanks to eman..

Some were acting they are tourists visiting some marketplace trying to bargain in a weird accent for the shoes.. And some were pretending they are at an auction..

And then after we pack things up.. c1p4n came out with a Darth Vader’s helmet.. And then everyone started to camwhore with it.. And things went even crazier when he found out that it can be split into two.. And there was where pictures like below were produced..

Pseudooape thinks he’s from AVP..

c1p4n in action again.. That’s not a ninja! Look more like a Samurai warrior to me..

Even Rachel, vinson’s girlfriend didn’t want to miss the opportunity for a photo..

Then it was time for a group photo..

That’s a proper one..

Then a crazee one.. Look at M3ph! He is stoning! (in the half Darth Vader mask/helmet)

And another one..

That’s all folks! Stay tune to RTM1 (yea I know that channel sucks, but I guess it is better than nothing.. we are getting more exposure and may just go big one day!) 11am this Saturday.. Don’t expect a full 30minutes or 1 hour interview on us (we’re not some kinda boy band or pop idol) It’s just a 5 minute kinda thing in a youth program. No idea what is it called though..

Thanks to nangsat (the dude in white tee sitting on the floor during interview) for hooking us up with RTM.. Thanks to dumexkid (the dude covering his nose next to the faceless dude(eman) in the last photo)
Thanks to rest for making this happen! And ohyea.. thanks to RTM for giving RM600 to us for the interview.. That’s a kick start for the Komodo Fund.. It was damn fun hanging with these peeps!

Some pics were stolen from eman’s..

Woohoo! Komodo OUT!

  1. YongHua says:

    wahhh byk bappeee sta!! nice

  2. kinz says:

    Yup.. There were quite a number of bapestas as well.. Hahaha.. The Komodo’s are not bias to any brands.. Although 85% of the collection is Nike.. Hahahah.

  3. WenY says:

    Wahh nice shoes 🙂 I wanna get somemoreee tooooooo 🙂

  4. cheez says:

    woh. that’s massive wei. kin meng u think u can help me find a shoe im looking for?

    Kustom Kontages. Take a look at them..

    maybe since you guys are dealing with sneakers so was wondering if you could help me find out more about this shoe.. so far they only manufacture in UK, Aus and sumwhere else i forgot.. uber awesome..price also i heard uber awesome wahahha.

  5. kinz says:

    weny : haha.. yeaman… go get more shoes!! perth got nike factory outlet marr.. what ya waiting for!?

    cheez: heyy.. yeaman that’s kinda alot actually.. hahaa..

    hmm…those are shuffling shoes aren’t they!? not sure man.. i’ve never seen them before.. if i ever come across them.. i’ll let u know!

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