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Posted: 10 April, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots, Sneakers

Sorry for not updating.. I’ve been quite busy.. Nothing but assignments.. I’m going crazy.. Right, there’s 3/9 assignments to go.. The other 6 are done and were submitted already..

Was fiddling with my camera once awhile, when I get bored over my assignments.. Played with my 75-300IS the other day.. And I got this..

It was only resized on photoshop.. It’s quite sharp! Beyond my expectations!

Some of the few shoes I’ve been rotating for th past few days/weeks.. I was messing around with the colour balance.. And I got that.. I kinda like that though..

From my window.. Is this considered birding yet!?

An apple I had this evening..

And then I thought.. Why not go for a jog!

Another jog wIth my Nike Air Zoom Moire+..

Amazingly I did 5km today.. Here’s the run stats..

So yea.. You see that weird shape there.. I ran halfway.. Made a U-turn.. Coz the stupid fogging vehicle just passed me! Farrk! It was satisfying!

  1. rinachew says:

    So chomel leh the fluffy fellar .. can i ticket him/her?

  2. smashpOp says:

    hey ur patricks friend rite? lol

  3. ea says:

    I haven’t ran in ages. Fark lah!

  4. kinz says:

    rina : errr.. you can try if u want.. just wait outside ur house.. haahah..

    pop : yup.. =)

  5. kinz says:

    ea.. w00t.. u message in less than a minute before me.. lets go run today! kiara! mari mari!

  6. yellowbanana says:

    really sharp..!!! Nice nice..! =D

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