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Posted: 19 March, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots
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Three lectures (actually two lectures and a group discussion) was being cramped into the morning.. Therefore, class ended at 12.30pm, and headed down town with emily.. What town?!?!? CHINATOWN! Petaling street that is.. Reason to get there was to have lunch and to snap some photos on the streets..

Graffiti to create awareness? That’s a damn good idea!

This is definitely much better than the flags and banners being put up by politician parties during the General Elections..

Save the turtles anyone?

We were suppose to look for the “special” porridge stall which we did not manage to find.. So we settled for Laksa, Pork Noodle, Chee Cheong Fun and some Yong Tau Foo at the marketplace..


After lunch. We walked around to snap some photos until we passed by a small hidden shop/stall by the name of Hon Kee.. Which reminded me of the Cendol shop at Jonker Walk, Malacca.. Well this is the place where we were suppose to have our lunch!

If it wasn’t because of the bunting, we could not have noticed it.. So we decided to eat again.. (it wasn’t even 15 minutes after we finished our lunch..)

So why is this stall different?

Check this out.. The porridge and slices of fish are served separately.. They serve raw fish slices!

Dip/stir/mix the fish and the porridge till the slices of fish are cook..  For about 5-10 minutes.. You’re good to go! It was goooooooddd.. MmmhhhmmM!

After that, we walked around and snapped some photos.. Dropped by at the famous Air Mata Kucing stall to quench our thirst, even though we were not thirsty… Then it rained.. Didn’t expect to have more photo opportunities during the rain/drizzle.. Initially thought that the rain was kinda turn off!

While it was sort of pouring..

School students..


Some funny dude who was starring at us while he was waiting at the traffic light.. Looked at him, and he smiled at me.. So I snapped a photo of him, and returned a smile at him..

Later on when it was only drizzling.. More school students..

Auntie & Uncle..

Rain stops and goods have to be delivered..

While heading back to the car..  emily at a florist..

Purple power!

Back home at around 5pm..  Now I have to go and get some rest! Goodnite! Seeya!

  1. ye says:

    is this the first time u took so many pictures of random people or am i juz blur? lol. nice pics! i especially like the graffiti ones and some of the random ppl. i’m eeee-ing at the porridge though. raw fish?!? eeeee… =p

  2. kinz says:

    tqtq.. yea.. first time.. nola.. the porridge is not as eeee-ish as you think.. they’re good.. the raw fish will somehow be cooked in the hot porridge!

  3. ewin says:

    eh nice pics leh. haha very random.

    u using 50mm ar? how come some bokeh kao kao one?

  4. ea says:

    wowo looks like you had fun. Bring me along la, cuba try one day. Tapi i tarak prime wor. Hahahaha

  5. kinz says:

    ewin : yup.. all with 50mm except the temple shot.. that was with the 18-50 kit lens… hahaha.. d bokeh kao kao wan must be the porridge wan la i suppose.. coz others not so kaoo.. hahaha… yea d bokehh quite nice with this lens..

    ea: mari la.. next time we go we trade lenses.. u use my 50mm.. i use ur siggy.. chun? ahahhaha… ur siggy alwiz gimme damn shiokk pix.. rememebr the putrajaya mosque? and the eye of malaysia.. both oso around sunset… come come one day we go… but must be during/after rain, where ppl walk and run a lil faster.. it makes everything more fun! and probably more umbrella in action!

  6. ewin says:

    Ah, poisoned by prime liao.

    I’ll get Minolta 50mm 1.7 for sony by next year.! haha…..

  7. siewyen says:

    hey, i jealous…i also want laksa and fish porridge! grrrr… nice pics, i think the graffiti is really cool along with ur pics of random ppl in the rain! =)

  8. yellowbanana says:

    Hei.. nice 1…! Din’t know that Petaling street is so interesting… This really proved that I din’t bring along my eyes while walking.. xD

  9. yellowbanana says:

    Hei.. nice 1…! Din’t know that Petaling street is so interesting… This really proved that I din’t bring along my eyes while walking.. xD

  10. kinz says:

    ewin :do it babehh!!!

    siewyen : yeaman.. lets go makan some good food together with alld rest when u get back…

    yellowbanana : thanks man! hahaha i was just lucky to have such good opportunity… i thought it was boring too…

    Sorry for the lack of update. Will update really soon.. Nike event and F1 is up next! So stay tune!

  11. Emily T says:

    OMG what did I say about not posting any pictures of me in your blog!

  12. kinz says:

    Well I didn post those that I said I won’t post.. I only posted those I didn say I will not post.. =)

  13. marianne says:

    emily looks really pretty. hhahaha.

  14. kinz says:

    You should leave such comments on her blog.. Not mine… -.-“

  15. Drew says:

    hey kinz.. near Jln Petaling at the beef noodle shop right? the “stop rape” ??? haha… nice nice.. I may be joining ur gang soon kinz.. may be getting my bro in law’s nikon d40 =0

  16. kinz says:

    Not really.. But there were several identical stencil tags around.. It is cool.. Yay man.. Hahha.. Yeaman.. Hope to see you with the D40 soon then!

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