What’s on your feet?

Posted: 7 March, 2008 by kinz in At Random, Sneakers
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Owhh crap.. Sorry for not updating the blog for bout a week or so.. Been quite busy, lazy, and a lil more chatty..

Nothing much happened lately.. As usual.. To skwl, back from skwl, sleep and online.. Yea kinda boring… So here is a short boring update..

Here’s what I rocked yesterday…

The Invisible Woman to College!

Today to College with some GR Dunks..

One of my lecturer.. She’s really cute and bubbly.. She always tells us that the class will end a lil earlier.. At the end.. It ends at the usual time, sometimes later.. We only noticed like after 3-4 classes with her.. How naive.. One of my classmates likes to play around with her.. And he said things like “Hahhhh.. See we think the same wayyy.. Damn secocok weihh!” and she will reply “Secocok your head la!” Hahaha.. Damn she is so much different from the previous lecturer I had few semesters back… Ahh.. My lecturers for this semester seem to be quite good.. Another lecturer, we treat him more like a friend than a lecturer.. We talk any random stuff with him.. And yup it’s quite fun to have lecturers like this..

Alright.. Guess that’s all for now! Shall have more to blog tomorrow! Seeya!

  1. rinachew says:

    I likey the number 2 kicks

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