Hi Mum, I’m drunk..

Posted: 25 February, 2008 by kinz in Buds Meetups

So I shall continue from my previous post..
(note: low quality images.. was using the Olympus C-310)

I went down to my aunt’s place at Cheras for dinner.. My uncle bought a really big fish.. And my aunt decided to share the fish with us all.. It is called the “chat sing pan” in direct translation, it should be called “seven star … (wtf is pan?) Whatever.. Here’s the fish..

The best part was.. As referred to my previous post, I went for a jog and walk around the neighborhood with my mum.. I was really hungry after that.. I was really looking forward for dinner. Not long after we reached, I saw my mum, my aunt and the raw fish in the kitchen.. Damnit.. RAW FISH!!!! It was not cooked yet.. Had to wait for a bit for the fish to be ready..

This lil dude was there too..

I have a date at 10pm with 8 other fellas.. Yea.. The same bunch of friends… Somehow I decided to stay for awhile at my aunt’s place with my mum till it was almost 11pm.. I was actually expecting them to start without me..

Start what you ask?

Wahahahaha… What else? Ehh! Where is the other bottle of Whisky?

Get in for more stupid/tipsy/halfdrunk/some-ko-ed/camwhore photos..

Karl Son didn’t KO that night.. I mean he didn’t puke for the first time! Woohoo!!

Vincent KO-ed for the first time(in front of us all) WoohoO! That’s me.. The Drunkengineer..

Cze Wien who came a bit later than I did, but had equally as much fun..

SookTeng drank a lot too, but somehow she’s always sober enough to take care of everyone else.. Like seriously everyone..

You must be wondering.. Why 100 plus? Hahaha.. I am still wondering why..

Played Wii, Blackjack, Monkey (card game), and I think that’s all throughout the night..

When Vincent KO-ed at around 4am, everyone settled down.. Some went to bed and some went to the sofa..

Waiee who was somesort sick.. (I know I look sick too..)

I was yawning.. Hahaha..

Cheek muscle cramped for a bit..

So I was downstairs with SuehLung,SookTeng,Waiee,CzeWien,KarlSon till bout 5 something when KarlSon and CzeWien KO-ed… And the rest of us talked till sunrise..

And what happened in the morning (as in after sunrise)…
-I was holding my phone waiting for my mum’s called, and when waiee said she’ll help me answer and tell my mum stupid things which are not true..
-we went to crash thiambeng’s room and woke the rest up
-czewien randomly complained her throat is very dry.. -.-”
-I woke Vincent up in the morning by whispering beside him “HE IS DEAD”.. And then his lips sort of moved.. and I continued whispering “HE WILL LAUGH SOON” and within 3 seconds later he turned to me and say “FCUK YOU!” Hahahahaha..
-waiee didn’t lemme go home.. I was suppose to go home at 6am.. Then I said I’ll leave at 6.30am.. And then I (stupidly) made a deal with her that if she doesn’t sleep, I won’t leave.. And damnit.. She really can stand it!!! Ugggh.. So I ended up going home at 9am..

When i reached home.. Mum was going out to market.. She gave me really weird stare, like as though she wanna eat me.. All I said was “Hi Mummy!” and then I went to sleep..

That’s all for now..

  1. ye says:

    HAHAHA. I won’t be surprised if she eats u man. Nvr even tell her u’re gonna sleepover at Beng’s. And wat u mean I wanna tell her stupid things which are not true… u were drunk, u don remember anything that happened… hahaha =p

    Next time don bet whether I can stay awake or not k… hehe… I REALLY CAN STAND IT!! Whee! 😉

  2. ZhenQuan says:

    Hor hor hor…ur mom emooooo u wei…

  3. kinz says:

    ye : if she eats me. it would be ur fault.. i didn tell her i’m sleeping over because number 1. I didn’t sleep over… number 2 : i didn’t plan to go back in the morning when the sun is up.. yea rite.. i wasn’t drunk.. i remembered exactly what you said okayyy…

    zhenquan : nola.. mom never emo me.. now karlson emo u.. wahhahahah…

  4. zs says:

    cheh, mix wif soft drinks wan izit?? i tot u all so strong drink pure like me wakakaka…

  5. kinz says:

    some mix some not mix.. depending who call for toast.. ahhahhaa… and also depending who pour wan… nola i’m a good boy okayy.. strong drinker is not good.. not like u’ll be stronger.. hahaha..

  6. Shaz says:

    U know wat! Ive always loved eating those steam fishes! but havent had the chance to do so in a while…. like we’re talking like 5 yrs now! Last time i saw that kinda steam fish! wasat my frens house! arghhh makin me hungry no!@

  7. yellowbanana says:

    Wa…. u drink like drinking water ke???? xD

  8. kinz says:

    shaz : yeaman.. steamed fish maintain’s the freshness of the fish.. as in the taste of freshness.. damn shiokk!!

    yellowbanana : nola.. i’m not some heavy drinker or so.. just to have fun with some friends..

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