An Evening Run With My Mum..

Posted: 23 February, 2008 by kinz in At Random

A quick one before I go out for dinner..

Just got back from an evening jog with my mum.. Wel my mum only walked around the park…

After I complete my 3km run.. We walked around the neighborhood for a  good 30 minutes..

That’s the run stats of the 3km..

A quick recap of last week.. Nothing much happened after “Streething All In The Family” party besides having steamboat dinner at SookTeng’s house on Sunday followed up with a getting drunk session which I didn’t get drunk at all.. Drunk pictures will not be posted here.. Aside from that, I have been quite busy with my assignment.. Which is to design a lawn mower..

Will update more probably tomorrow..

Out for dinner at aunt’s place now and followed up with lepak at ThiamBeng’s place… Till then..


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