All In The Family – Pre Event & Exhibition..

Posted: 18 February, 2008 by kinz in Sneakers
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Streething Presents : All In The Family.. (picture taken from main entrance of Zouk, KL)

16th February 2008 is definitely a memorable day for all Malaysian sneakerheads, graffiti artist, sneaker customizers, skaters and all street culture influenced peeps.. Streething, a local self-funded community of mainly sneakerheads, hosted a party at Zouk, KL with the theme “All In The Family..” This event includes showcases of customed Nike Windrunner 400% Bearbricks, customized sneakers brought to you by Sole Obsession of Singapore, fashion show by models and non models (including some members of the Streething family..), live installation by ever popular Dave White from UK, Vandal from Canada will be performing and so much more..

As a sneakerhead, I was definitely involved in such event.. I was helping a friend of mine, Andrew/Gingerfish..

So it all began at meeting him at Curve at around 12pm.. Chilled and had some Sandwich, Donuts and Coffee from Dunkin Donuts, Mutiara Damansara.. Picked 200 Bearbricks from Curve to the MainRoom of Zouk, KL..

At Zouk.. Most of the gang were there.. Some were displaying their own art piece, some were dealing with the door gifts, some were chilling, but one thing in common, everyone was already packing with heat on their feet…

The Bearbricks display..

200 of ’em..

These are few of my favorite ones..

By Aesthetic+ Lab..

By MonkeyMonyet..

And this Oriental looking bear is neat as hell!

And here are the sneakers on display.. All customized sneakers..

Hypethetic (singapore) X The Killer Gerbil (singapore)

Hypethetic.. His customized sneakers are one of a kind..

Another one by Hypethetic.. Apparently he rips off the original pair of shoe, and reconstruct them! Awesome huh?

That is alot of weaving to do man…

And these shits are freaking 3m Reflectors! I bet you’ll see an official collaboration of Hypethetic with Nike really soon!

Here’s one from LAZY (Singapore).. His is pretty neat as well.. Doesn’t looked like he’s lazy at all..

Somebody was having a Coke chilling while displaying them.. Zouk, in the afternoon is hot as hell.. Stuffy as ever!

Here are Spoonman’s artwork.. Spoonman is our own Malaysia’s represent.. And he is part of TEAM KOMODO NINJA! I’m proud of him! Proud to be KOMODO NINJA as well!

All sneakers on display were brought by Sole Obsession of Singapore..

That’s all folks.. I’m darn tired.. To be continued soon!

  1. Cheez says:

    Woh.. I’m surprised nobody commented on such a beautiful post!
    Hypethetic’s artwork is sikkkk! Loving the killer gerbil and the ones with reflectors!! Btw Kinz, where do you get your sneakers from and how much do you usually pay for them?

  2. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Yeaman.. Hypethetic’s work is sickk… I get them everywhere.. From normal nike stores, to some really old sport stores (which happen to have treasures once awhile), online (sometimes) umm.. basically everywhere… Depending.. Some I paid like Rm100, and some I paid like RM4XX.. Depending..

  3. adi zul says:

    lau d balam toko spatu gerbil d mna kk

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