The Horse is Six Years of Age..

Posted: 15 February, 2008 by kinz in Sneakers
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As I promised.. I will blog about the horse… Here I am blogging about the horse I picked up yesterday, (Wednesday)..

Headed down to Pertama Complex on Wednesday slightly after lunch.. Reason? To get some post Chinese New Year pickups.. Well if there’s Pre Chinese New Year shopping, I’m sure there is Post Chinese New Year shopping.. I mean afterall it is just a pair of shoes… Ooops.. Yea I did mean it.. Shoes!

My recent pickup.. The Nike Air Force 1 Horse..  (My fourth pair of White/White sneakers..)

This pair was released in conjunction of the Lunar New Year back in 2002.. Why Horse you may ask.. It is because 2002 is the year of Horse.. Awesome huh? I first saw this pair in Pertama Complex when I was form 4 (2004) if I’m not wrong.. That was during Christmas season if I’m not wrong.. Didn’t expect that I will cop such a pair today..

It was the last pair, or probably the second last pair.. But this is definitely the last pair in my size.. Size 8US that is.. Woohoo! I’m happy! Owhh I forgot to mention that I got it at a steal price! It is the cheapest Air Force 1 I ever bought.. I just checked, some joker off the bay (eBay) is selling the same pair BRAND NEW UNWORN (which is the same condition/almost the same as mine) for a price of USD$300! Crazy! I seriously think that he is trying to rip off.. Well if any future buyer of that pair of sneaker ever know the price that I pay for, he will probably crying out loud..

More detailed pictures..

Red lining on the swoosh on the outer side…

On the inner side, blue lining on the swoosh..

Not to mention the ICEY sole and patent leather on the shoe panels and heel tab.. Owh for your information the ICEY sole were meant to be transparent, like seriously white! Mine is yellowed as hell! Vintage look!

Sizing tag.. The old way.. Slightly different from present Air Force 1’s..

The model number, on the other side..

And lastly..

The tongue.. Can anyone read what’s on the tag.. Care to share please! I really wanna know what’s the meaning of the two characters.. It is also printed on the insole..

I love buying stuff at good bargains! Pertama Complex is the place to get good bargains!

  1. ~z says:

    it means success.
    nice header, btw =]

  2. kinz says:

    Ahhhhh cool! Thanks! and thanks again!

  3. Din know that the Nike came out with the chinese wording too. Cool….

  4. yonghua says:

    waaah shoes again..

    nice. aiming for 300 pairs? good good…

  5. kinz says:

    ewin: Wahahah I wish la 300 pairs. Siao! 30 pairs also haven’t reach yet!

    min yoon : yea they do release it in chinese, sometimes japanese and so on.. depending on the series..

  6. ea says:

    He’s gonna reach 30 soon. I think by end of this year. So, each year maybe 10 pairs… hmmmm… hahaha

  7. kinz says:

    Long more to go to thirty oso la beb…

    Komodo Ninja rolling out to AITF in a few minutes! KOMODOOOOO!!!!

  8. Firzen says:

    Wah, how many thousand pairs of shoes u have already?

  9. yellowbanana says:

    Wa… ur a shoes collector..? Nice 1..!

  10. allen says:

    LOL i thought a real horse ahahaha

  11. kinz says:

    firzen : like i said.. not even 30 yet.. there are a lot of ppl out there who has wayyy more than me.. they pack more heat than i do..

    yellowbanana : hahaha.. yeaman.. just a small collector..

    allen : no way i be picking up a real horse..

  12. Deadmarsh says:

    Nice shoe man…

  13. kinz says:

    hahaha.. Thanks bud!

  14. somebody says:

    The 2 chinese characters meaning are success

  15. David says:

    which shop did you get this shoe?!
    i want one too…do you think they have USD sz9?

    if you are into shoe then you should check the AF1 “year of the dog”

    hope you can provide me the info!


  16. kinz says:

    I can get you a pair of us size7.. not a 9.. thought.. yea the year of dog.. i fancy the one with the horse hair on the backing.. email me if you want me to hook you up with a pair of these horse.. only a pair of US7 left.. my email is inferneoo_88[at]

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