Teddy Wash..

Posted: 5 February, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots

I’m going out for a jog right now.. Before I head out to jog.. Here are some photos of my sister’s teddy bear/dog/tortoise/cow/elephant/etc….

Polar bear on the clothes line..

Hey! My cousins have the exact same dog! I mean the real shit! So yea… A dog on the clothes line..

So basically.. I have string of animals in my garden today.. A zoo on string? Ahhh whatever.. I will post more pictures later when I get back…

I’m going out for a jog now.. I have to beat eman with his 13 minutes record for 3km.. Ahhh.. The challenge will end tonight.. So yea! Wish me luck! Seeya!

Arrgh.. Finished 3km in 14 minutes 31 seconds.. Uggh.. That’s like a minute and 24 seconds away from eman’s record..

So yea.. Here I continue with these Teddy Tales.. Achelly, my sister was washing these teddy bear/dog/tortoise/cow/elephant/etc…. soft toys of hers…

Here is one lil pig which was hung upside down.. (because the tail was pegged onto the clothes line..)

A fat angry bear.. Check out the ears.. hahahha…


Here is one cute one.. Looking smart with the ribbon..

The rest which were on the line.. As you can see there’s a tortoise, cow, weird flat looking creature, and uggh.. quite a few more..

They definitely do look cute on the line.. hahahha..

Okay.. I’m off for a drink with some friends. See ya! And to those who are going back for the festive season.. Please drive safely! And to those who are not going back.. Go back la! Someone back at home might be missing you!

  1. ye says:

    hahah i feel damn kesian for them wei, their ears/tail/etc kena kiap until liddet… hahaha :p

  2. rinachew says:

    The piggie is so cute!

  3. kinz says:

    ye : hahahaha.. fun leh?

    rina: damn clean too!

  4. yonghua says:

    haha damn cool wei… haha

    I like both the puppy… haha….damn funny..

  5. kinz says:

    Hahahha.. Thanks bro!

  6. the cutest part is those dolls hanging there with their ears..
    Funny to me…

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