Posted: 4 February, 2008 by kinz in At Random

Last Friday.. Woke up at a 6.45am.. It’s another record lately.. Definitely the earliest in 2008, anything earlier lately would be in Hong Kong.. So yea.. Had only an hour and a half of sleep the previous night.. Went out for a jog at the Kiara Park with the bunch of peeps again.. Geesh, the hilly part almost destroyed my lungs.. Going two laps almost destroyed both of my lungs.. I finished 3.2km (two laps) in 20 minutes.. It’s a new record for the highest amount of calories burnt.. Although I don’t really care much about calories, but yay! new record.. (trying to comfort myself..) I better run again by Tuesday to beat eman’s 13 minutes record or else I’ll lose this challenge.. Gahhhh!! Anyway.. After the jog, went on for breakfast at Sea Park for Dim Sum..

Went home, found out my car was missing.. My uncle had to borrow it for some reasons.. I thought my following plan, which is to get my pair of jeans from Pavillion was about to be cancelled, until he got back about 5 minutes before I have to head out on a different plan.. (kinda complicated…) Picked Terence up, and off to Pavillion.. SURPRISINGLY!! The streets of KL was empty.. Managed to get to KL from Taman Mayang in 15 minutes.. And that includes getting a sweet parking spot right in front of the entrance of Pavillion.. Got my pair of Sicko19 jeans.. Am really happy with it, and may get another pair..

Back to PJ.. Realized the streets of PJ were jam as hell.. From Ss2 to Mayang and back to my home, it took about an hour plus.. I wonder whether is it true that KL peeps are at PJ during Federal Territory day.. If so, PEOPLE! Please mark this down! First of February is the BEST DAY EVER to hangout at KL!! C’mon! I’m serious.. The traffic condition back in PJ is far worse than in KL during usual days.. It is really really bad!

Got home and had an hour nap.. Went to fetch my mum from work, bought more mandarin oranges, and back home.. And yea. Stayed home the whole night…

Saturday.. Woke up at about 3pm, went back to sleep, and woke up again at 4pm.. Hahaha.. It was great! Two nights of two hours of sleep each, was all restored.. Now I’m back to normal.. Hahhaah.. Had lunch at about 5pm while watching some movies on HBO..

Skipped dinner…

Went out with the Komodo Ninja’s to Eckywoobee Sports Cafe @ TTDI Plaza again.. This time, to watch another football game.. It was definitely a good Saturday night spent with these sneakerheads (now known as Komodo Ninjas) They are a bunch of nice peeps to hangout with.. Yesterday they had booze and nuggets.. Lotsa nuggest.. And I can tell, ECKYWOOBEE serves the best nuggets in town! Go and try it out.. Nuggets are damn ons! About 20 or more of them showed up… And it’s damn fun I tell ya.. and it will only get better!

Today… Woke up at 3pm again.. Watched tv till 5pm when I decided to clean up my room, and the bathroom.. Now both are sparkling clean! Went out dinner with my mum, we also went to check out on some home theater system.. My parents’ are thinking of replacing the old one with a new one. So yea. I hope I’ll be able to poison my parents to get something much better.. Wahahahha.

And since 10pm.. I sat here.. Right in front of the PC surfing the net, watching some TV series..

I will never leave home without it..


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