Rain drops and drizzle..

Posted: 27 January, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots

It was a boring evening until eman decided to go for a photo session at Lake Titiwangsa.. Reached there at about 5.30pm.. Barely walked too far from the car, and it started to drizzle and we got back into the car..

It was pouring heavily that we have to wait in the car..

Waited for about 15 minutes or so, when the rain stopped.. We got out and started our photography session.. Not as bad as I thought it would be, thinking that it will rain again..

Here’s the view of the lake.. (Might be a lil too dark if viewed from a CRT monitor.. Looks fine from my screen..)

And more pictures to come soon.. Heading out to Taman Tun to meet some of my fellow sneaker heads..

Back from the Sneaker Head gathering at ECKYWOOBEE @ TTDI PLAZA..

The Titiwangsa Park was crowded.. Even after a 15minutes heavy downpour..

Started to walk around the park and found this..

That’s a sticker! The government tags the street!

To my surprise, the EYE was still running for business..

Walked pass a miniature stretch of road, where they had small road signs, and lil traffic lights.. This is probably 8-10 foot tall.. Last year when I came here for the Nike+ Campaign, they were having some Road Safety Campaign where kids were all geared up with their helmets and knee pads on their bicycle, and I thought the road was a temporary thing.. It’s actually permanent.. This was built just to create awareness on road safety for kids.. They should spend more time and money to create these awareness for the grown ups as well.. They are the ones causing accidents..

This man has a real droopy voice.. He was selling some drinks and snacks on his little cart.. Look how hard is this poor man trying to earn for a living.. It is time for a change.. Start spending wisely! (look who’s talking..)

It was getting dark.. Or should I say, the clouds were memang dark already.. It looked like it was gonna pour again.. And yup! The cloud were exactly (more or less) like in the picture.. This is not a HDR.. Although it looked like horribly done HDR..

Here is another.. Woohoo.. The clouds were damn emo when the sun was about to set..

It’s night! Not a bad view huh? This was taken at about 7ish.. It was minutes after that, and it started to rain again..

That’s when we started to head back home..

At 10pm.. Went out to ECKYWOOBEE @TTDI PLAZA to hangout with some other sneakerheads.. Watched football, played chor-dai-dee and talked a lot of cock.. They are a bunch of fun people to hangout with.. Had fun with these peeps..

Alright got to go before my parents get up.. It’s reaching 6am already.. Gd’nite!

  1. st says:

    I like the second pic very much….. 🙂
    Sek Jou la…..

  2. kinz says:

    Sure sure.. If the next time I see you online I’ll send to you.. My PC crashed for awhile.. And thank god I’m able to back up the photos now… Phew…

  3. pat says:

    2nd and 7th pict rock!! =) But for the 2nd pic slightly brighter then it would be perfect! =)

  4. kinz says:

    heyy.. thanks for ur comments.. yea i thought so too.. but i’m really not sure.. it is also probably due to the calibration of my lcd.. must find a way to calibrate the brightness of the lcd… thanks anyway!

  5. kinz says:

    hahah.. not as good as yours man… esp yours am90 elmer’s glue.. on d grass gilerr contrast!!! thanks for droppin by tho..

  6. ewin says:

    nice pics..!!!

    Faster post new stuffS!!!! haha

  7. Shaz says:

    EOM is still in Malaysia.. i mean its still up n running? hehehe…i tot it was pulled down edi!

  8. kinz says:

    ewin : yea yea.. chill bro.. just posted..

    shaz : i thought so too.. until I see it was still spinning! ahhahaha.. kinda bollocks isn’t it?

  9. Gosh… what have you done to the photos? It is too awesome to me till i was thinking whether these are edited by photoshop or being simply taken naturally? I must admit these are the best, can i know know roughly what was the exact time-range u were taking those shots? it is very important to know. cos the colors are all demonstrated with the best qualities…
    Cheers to u mate!

  10. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Thanks bro.. It was taken around 6pm.. Or maybe later.. Just after a heavy downpour.. Yea most pictures were edited to increase the saturation.. That’s all I suppose… Cheers to u too!

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