Emo and Elmo?!

Posted: 27 January, 2008 by kinz in At Random
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How the hell can you relate Elmo to emo?

Friday… Came home from college before lunch after the mock lecture.. Slept all the way till 4pm, that’s when SuehLung called up for a game of badminton.. I didn’t answer a few of his calls unintentionally.. Still, I decided to stay home to sleep.. Hahaha..

Went out for a jog.. And this is what I achieved..

Not very fast, but good enough compared to my current record..

Yumcha session on Friday night was cancelled as everyone wanted to stay home.. Dangg.. Wanted to head over to Subang to meet up with the other sneaker heads as I never catch up with them lately.. But I was kinda lazy to head over to Subang.. So I guess it’s fine to stay home once awhile during Friday nights.. Afterall, there is another night the next day.. Slept at 5.30am watching some series on crunchyroll..

Woke up at 2pm.. Watched tv till 5pm, when I decided to buy my own lunch.. No one was home, have to get myself my own lunch.. Went to McD’s for my Prosperity Meal! It was a late but definitely a prosperous lunch!

After dinner, watched TV and chilled in front of the PC when everyone decides to stay home AGAIN!?!? Goshh.. Two nights in a row.. Geesh.. Stupid fellas.. Really don’t know what’s in their mind.. Staying home on Friday and Saturday nights?!?! What?! Did their parents spike their drinks? Or were they being cursed? So fine lor.. Stayed home.. Until Waiee came online.. Then somehow a group conversation was started and I started to emo everyone because they didn’t want to yumcha.. And we ended up in Williams at 12.30am till bout almost 2am..

Reached home and found out the sky was clear and the moon was glowing.. Lately I found out that the moon seems to get brighter and brighter… Weird..

Not detail enough. Much to learn…

I’m off to continue with my TV series online before I head to bed.. Gd’nite!

  1. ye says:


    that’s all??

    no mention about how i saved your weekend yumcha session, or how happy you are that you have such a great fren like me who risked my life to go out juz because you emo us?

    sheesh, next time dowan to yumcha with you aredi… now i emo you… *emo emo*

  2. kinz says:

    how long u wan worrr?

    you saved my weekend yumcha session!?!?!? you risked your life?!?!?! next time ask you walk to williams.. ehhh i didn emo you because u didn’t yumcha.. its because u didn buy liquor from airport!!! you gayyy!! I only emo the rest for not goin yumcha.. you gayyy!!!

    huh? now you emo me? i’m not even done yet! ahhahaha..

  3. Zhen Quan says:

    So who went for yumcha? Onli both of u arr?

  4. kinz says:

    zhen : with beng and karl lorr.. beng damn gayyy he got cravings for carbonara..

    pat : ahahha i’ve seen that stupid video..

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