Wonders of the Internet..

Posted: 24 January, 2008 by kinz in Gadget Related

Aren’t you happy with what you can do on the internet these days? I’m sure everyone is.. But are you happy with our broadband service here in Malaysia? Damn! Since evening today, I just couldn’t get connected to my MSN messenger.. Sites never load, except for Google.. Fine, at least there is a site that loads.. I really wonder when will our broadband service provider provides us stable and problem free connection, and better 24 hours customer service (who knows what are they talking about, and not putting you on hold every few minutes possible for at least 5 times in a 10 minutes conversation..) without hiking the fee every month.. I don’t quite appreciate TM providing us wider bandwidth, cheaper packages and stuff like that.. I would much prefer, better quality and more stable internet connection.. I also don’t mind that if they were to put the server offline to do some maintainance work.. At least give proper notices, like publishing it onto the papers (which they will definitely not do due to the cost of publishing), at least load a page on the browser (as a pop up) or just a page informing users that the internet service will be down from when to when and what they are doing.. I’m sure they can create a webpage that will load before you load your default homepage after you connect to the internet.. Come on.. Who the hell goes to the TM website? I’ll probably go if my internet connection is down..(that’s if I still can connect to the TM site..) Please TM.. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!!! PLEASE!!!

Went over to Pavillion this afternoon with my sister..

Reason for going over to Pavillion was to pickup some cases for our iPods.. She sort of broke hers, and I just don’t like the feel of my silicone case.. Actually, it was because EPICentre at Pavillion was having some major discount on most of the second gen iPod Nanos..

Here’s what I got.. The Capsule by SwitchEasy.. Saw this off the net sometime ago, wanted to order from the distributer when I was still attached with GeeK, but we had to order a minimum of 5 units of these, which we are in the midst of clearing off the old stock for the old Nano (second gen) ..

I am really happy with the case! And I got it for only RM50.. They even have the iSKIN, the limited edition one is selling at only RM109.. Other than that, my sister got a faux leather purse type of case.. Which includes a card holder in it.. Guess what? She got it for only RM5.. Hahaha.. Damn cheap huh? Got a few screen protectors too for only RM1 each.. Hahahah..

Just started watch Heroes Season 2.. It was in my external hard drive for months.. I didn’t want to watch because I do not want to wait for releases of new episodes.. I was suppose to wait till I get hold of every episodes of Season 2.. But I guess I just can’t wait any longer.. I finished 7 episodes last night.. Hahahah.. Damnit!

While surfing the internet, I accidentally broke the scroll of my mouse.. Damn! Wasn’t scrolling hard, neither I was using it to click.. Just scroll really slowly, and suddenly it felt smooth.. As smooth as the wheel of a toy car.. Opened to check if the scroll got out of track. Damnit, the shaft of the scroll broke!

Now I gotta use the wired mouse again.. Arrrghh!

I better go to bed.. The MQA is visiting my college the next morning.. There’s gonna be a mock lecture.. Ugggh..

  1. Shaz says:

    Waqsssuppp macha! so.. err when i get my sidewinder mouse.. u wanna dismantle it ? 🙂 hehehe… see u again soon!

  2. kinz says:

    Hahhaa.. Sup man! Lemme know when the scroll is not working.. I’ll help you dismantle it.. We can prolly take some shots.. Hahhahaha..

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