Where does the Geekiness of me come from?

Posted: 18 January, 2008 by kinz in At Random

Today, was a pretty hectic day.. I thank god that I woke up late.. So yea I missed class today because I practically woke up about an hour after class started.. So yea, had to skip that one.. At 2pm, I went to college to attend some meeting regarding the MQA’s (formerly known as LAN, they probably changed their name because they are duLAN about people making fun of it.. ) accreditation which will be held next week at college.. So yea, we have mock lectures and shit like that for this quality assurance thing.. But do you think this is actually working? It doesn’t really make sense when you are coming to check the quality of the college when everyone is pretending to be good, and facilities will be kept up to standard for a week? Weird huh.. We were even told how to ask questions, and how to dress up on that day itself.. (and somehow I was appointed out by my lecturer to show some GOOD example, not to follow..) That was because I was wearing shorts and flip flops.. So yea.. Screw this shit, and hope I won’t be picked for the interview.. I’m not a good candidate to be interviewed, I’ll probably mess up..

Then, I headed over to work to help out on cleaning and packing the area.. For your info, we’re moving out.. Gonna move back to our HeadQuarters, C-zone, in LowYat.. This is due to the extreme incremental of rent issued by 1Utama.. Our rent was increased by 40% (right after our 2 year contract ended).. Yeaman that is some serious fuck shit we’re going through.. Yesterday, we were already closed for business.. Today we cleared almost everything.. Found lotsa junks and yea some even got in to my pocket somehow.. For instance, memory cards, memory cards and memory cards… Hahahah.. Not to forget, today was the only day I wore flip flops and non-tech-brand-sponsored-tee.. Pretty much like I was at home.. Speaking of home, I’ve always known 1U as my second home.. Since GeeK is moving out.. I am actually losing my second home.. There won’t be a place for me to hangout with these bunch of GeeK’s anymore, neither there’s a place for me to get paid while doing my college home works and surf the net.. I’ll definitely miss this place.. For those who didn’t know, I’ve been affiliated GeeK since it was started (2years ago..).. I really enjoy working in there, although the salary wasn’t as fancy as other jobs around.. But hey, how often do you get a job which you can come in and work when you’re free and you can stay out from work when you’re busy? Besides that, which job allows me to do my school work at the work place, and instead I can surf the net when I have nothing to do? (or even if I have things to do).. I can even take a nap at the sofa upstairs which is comfy and cold as hell.. I think I spent as much as earn in here.. There were lots of items I bought in here, this month alone I bought an LCD and a Crumpler bag.. Not to mention previously when I bought my PDA, my iPod and lots of accessories.. I never thought I was gonna be as Geek-y as I am today.. Fking hell, before I was affiliated with Geek, I don’t even give two shit to snap pictures with the camera phone, now I’m snapping with a dSLR ; I don’t even sync my phone’s contacts to the Microsoft Outlook (even when I was already using the Windows Mobile Smartphone), now I sync the contacts from my Smartphone to my PDA to my iPOD.. (is contact keeping on the iPOD necessary?) Okay I shouldn’t get too windy and finish this up because I just can’t finish describing how much I am gonna miss this place.. By Saturday, we’re sure to be leaving this premise.. The times spent at GeeK will never be forgotten (from the happy times crapping and bullshitting, to the shitty times where our goods are stolen..) So yea.. Fuck it and I’m moving yo! For those who may ask/tell/suggest “What am I gonna do next?” Nope I am not gonna find a new job.. I am not gonna work in another IT centre, neither anywhere in 1U… I don’t feel like working anymore (and I’m not emo or what so ever).. Better spend more time on my fucked up studies and spend more time with family and friends (it has been 2 years sacrificing most of my Saturdays and Sundays working..) What I will probably do is to take up freelancing in photography.. So yea.. Hit me, if you think I can provide a decent picture for your online store/your own portrait/birthday party or anything..

Wow.. I guess this is my longest blog post ever.. And I’m not finish.. I have not even post any photos… Hahah.. So here it is..

Came home from work at about 1am.. Taken some photos with my lightbox as I have never touch it for quite sometime..

Unity Band! (Thanks to eman) Not that I love Malaysia a lot.. But hey, what’s wrong with our country? I don’t hate it.. So why not support it? (actually I got this for the sake of the bands.. I have loads of them, and this is the first non-nike.. next on my list is the original LiveStrong – Lance Armstrong band.. I still do not have the initiative to get it online as I did 3-4 years ago for the Stand Up Speak Up bands..)

One of the “few” things I got while cleaning up GeeK.. This is the ever popular rocket blower (very famous among photogs) This is the best the blower by far.. What’s a blower you ask? It’s something to blow the dust away.. Widely used for camera lenses.. This is the favorite toy among us GeeKs while we have one hand on the mouse, and the other on the blower just to squeeze it.. (sounds kinda wrong huh? but I tell you.. this lil thing is fun to toy around..) Hahahhaah..

Something I’ve learned being a GeeK.. Always (se-fucking-riously) get a screen protector on your gadget with an LCD on it.. Even if it is prone to scratches or not.. Get it done while buying it.. If the seller refuse to give you one for free, BUY IT! Rm30 will save scratches from your newly bought device which costs probably RM1k or more.. Fucking hell don’t be a stingy bastard trying to save RM30 on your newly bought device.. For me.. I choose the BEST screen protector! See those packages in the picture above? They were all mine on every of my device.. My camera, PDA, the older PDA, my smartphone, and I even got my sister to put it on her Nokia N93i.. This is Martin Fields.. The best screen protector you can get in town.. It is usually ranged from Rm40 – Rm 50.. Some shops even sell it for RM65 (that’s GeeK.. Hahha.. Because you will never find any retail in Malaysia which has more stocks and varieties than we do.. at least used to..)

Here are the reviews by different forums about the screen protector.. Trust me.. You will never go wrong when you purchase a Martin Fields.. What could possibly go wrong is, you bought for the wrong model which is 90% the time different in size.. If you are interested to get one.. You can actually check out their website here.. Or contact my friend (once worked for GeeK) daijobou/Alwin.. He does bulk orders on LowyatNet for Martin Fields products for quite some time already.. I actually knew him before he joined us (GeeK) by buying a few screen protectors from him.. Go get yours before your screen gets a scar..

Ohyea.. Before I forget.. Checkout this motherfucker’s blog before you leave mine.. He’s one kind friend of mine who always buy me drink and supper.. Not to mention he hook me up for cool sneakers too! I was just kidding about the motherfucker part.. He thinks it might get more attention..

  1. ye says:

    Whoa! o.O

    First time your blog entry is so wordy! For a moment there, I thought I went to the wrong blog. Haha. =p

    Yay now you’ll be able to make it for Saturday night outings and what not. =)

    Though I always thought your job was damn syok, get paid to sleep and online. Hahah.

  2. ye says:

    n u gay, next time write ur stories properly, don make ppl misunderstand when reading ur blog! hahaha. =p

  3. kinz says:

    yeaman.. prolly this is the longest post ever.. don’t think i’ll be posting anymore wordy post soon.. ahhaha.. yea rite la.. how many more saturday night will you be able to spend here before u get back to aussie land? Memang my job is nice.. hahaha I memang like it.. and its not my fault that you misunderstood.. hahah..

  4. st says:

    First lengthy post that didnt get me bored….. Hahahahha

  5. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. I’ll take that as a compliment.. Yay!

  6. Zhen Quan says:

    *Yawns* šŸ™‚

  7. siewyen says:

    wah, kinz finally got long post which has more words to read than pics wei! sad that geek’s closing down, can’t go buy and ask for discount summore edi. =p next time my dad’s pda die again, he’ll be surprised when he goes to 1u to look for geek and finds that its not there.hahaha! anyway, i think my dad’s pda recently had a major prblm and he had to send it in, dunno if kau tim already or not. (i think he dropped it though, hehe).

  8. kinz says:

    yea.. he knows that we’re moving.. and his device, we’re told that it’s better off to get a new one rather than to get the screen replaced… what? you’re sad because that you can’t ask for discount! geesh! ahhaha.. by the way i didn’t know that you still drop by.. thanks for reading this shitty blog.. šŸ™‚

  9. siewyen says:

    oh okok. i tell you ah, he dunno how many times drop or spoil the pda already. i think he’s using some duo-sim card phone he bought in china now while waiting for his pda. how badly was the screen cracked anyway? not only the discount la, but normally when i go 1u also will go by geek just to tengok tengok whether you’re working or not ma. i do drop by here pretty often okay, you got some nice pics to see. =)

  10. kinz says:

    he got his pda back edi.. not sure if what the pda is doing now… you basically can’t see anything on the screen.. ahh yea rite, like you really come tengok tengok if i’m working.. hahah.. drop by more often.. and do update urs too! thnx!

  11. screeno says:

    Tha article is so true – the screen protector is so important. Its like buying a benz and not getting the best polish. Of course u will.

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