Photographing Putrajaya…

Posted: 7 January, 2008 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Last Saturday, tagged along with a bunch of photographers down to Putrajaya.. This would be my first photography outing with a bunch of dSLR dudes.. It also marks the first photography outing of 2008…

So yea.. I will blog more about it soon..

At the mean time, here is two photographs of mine..

The Putrajaya Mosque in the late evening..

As the sun was about to set..

Will continue posting more pictures later today..

Shall go to bed now.. It is another first day of a new semester..

Stay tune for the update!

Here’s the continuation.

The light pole..

Our PM’s office..

Flowers at the park..

And more flowers..

What we rocked that day.. Eman was rocking L..

Thats where I made some new and not so new friends..

Here’s JonMing..

He can pose..

Shaz can pose too..

And this is Patrick‘s..

This is Arthur.. Another new friend of mine..

Almost sunset..

Tripods.. This is what we did for a group photo…

Group photo grabbed from eman‘s blog..

  1. pat says:

    Dam cute la the crumpler bag.. XD Nice pic! I like the bloody red effect!

  2. WenY says:

    ur mosque pic the is best among all 😀

  3. yellowbanana says:

    Great pics bro..!!! Nice shooting with you..! 😉

  4. kinz says:

    pat : yealar. ur million dollar home is cute.. my lil thirsty al is not cute… hahaha…

    weny : thanks!

    yellowbanana : heyy.. yea nice shooting with you too.. didn get to catch up with you.. well i suppose there would be another chance..

  5. Shaz says:

    Awesome pics!!! and nice one the shot of Jon’s camera.. now i know what the angle was all about!

  6. kinz says:

    Heyy.. Not as awesome as yours bro! The shot of jon was kinda off.. I focused his lens which on second thoughts i think i shouldn’t… It maked everything else looked so blurr… Hahaha..

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