Day 3 – Malacca/Port Dickson

Posted: 5 January, 2008 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Before I woke up..

My pants was just wayyy too strikeyy.. (I found this photo in my camera.. Wonder who the hell snapped this..)

Went over to a local coffee shop for lunch.. Then, played some poker games again.. This time, we bet with Rocky chocolate sticks.. I lost the whole damn box! Bloody hell..

Then we headed over to the pool at the apartment, and then to the beach.. Left my camera in the apartment, therefore no photos to post..

Went to Mutiara Seafood for dinner.. A place where they serve damn good sotong rings..

There they are..

On the way back to the apartment from town, we spotted a funfair and that’s where we decided to get down and have some “fun”.. Well, it’s not that fun afterall..

Some con job games involving many rubber duckies…

When you’re at a funfair with a dSLR in your hand, you must try long exposures.. Sadly I didn’t bring any monopod/tripod along with me.. But I guess this is fairly good for a handheld shot..

Took some rides, the ferris wheel and some spinning ride.. And there goes 10 bucks..

Funfair Posers…

At the apartment, while some were taking a nap, others playing cards, Karl Son and I decided to barbeque.. It was about 12-1 am.. Barbequed the remaining 2packs of sausages and some fishballs.. And then at 2am, headed over to 7-11 to buy a loaf of bread and kaya.. That’s when we started our making our toasts from a barbeque pit.. It was pretty damn ons.. Talked cock and had some snacks till I KO-ed at about 5am..

Day 4 (final day) will be up tomorrow night.. Tomorrow evening I’ll be going to Putrajaya with some professional photogs.. Looking forward to it..

  1. yonghua says:

    Wah your photos are great man. nice colors

  2. allen says:

    lol i went to that same freaking happening theme park too ! !

  3. kinz says:

    yong hua : heyy.. thanks man… cant wait to see ur china pictures..

    allen : haaha.. cool.. at pd?

  4. manz says:

    ehh.. same pj’s as the ones you wore to hong kong… LOL..

  5. kinz says:

    yea.. u remembered…

  6. pat says:

    omg…sotong rings..i wanna eat! XD

  7. jeff says:

    Yea….the lightings in funfair at night give a nice effect if a tripod is used. I always tend to forget to bring…haha…oh well, wtd, hand must be as motionless as possible while taking then…


  8. ye says:

    u didn’t enjoy the funfair?? it was one of my highlights… hahah

  9. kinz says:

    jeff : yea.. if i have a chance to go to another one.. I’ll definitely bring my tripod/monopod along..

    ye : errr.. not really.. they looked really unsafe.. seriously..

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