Day 1 – Malacca & Port Dickson

Posted: 3 January, 2008 by kinz in Buds Meetups
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On the early morning of 30th December 2007, headed down south to Malacca with a bunch of friends..

Had duck noodle for lunch, and then checked in our apartment.. Chilled and relax for awhile, before heading out to town..

Where we get to see ancient/old/antique/gay things…

Some jokers stuffed some sponge/foam into his mouth..

And then had sate for tea break..

Hell yea it was pork!

The sate dude in action!

Walked around with the lead of the worse “tour guide” ever, Vincent.. Who simply creates stories and facts based on any crap that crosses his mind.. It was funny though.. Snapped some pictures..

I thought only Mountain Police rides on a horse.. Didn’t know Tourists Polices/Poser Polices rides on horses too.. (I swear this dude was posing and sitting on the horse for a bunch of tourists’ camera..

Walked in to Jonker St. or also known as Jonker Walk.. Lots of interesting stuff and art galleries.. And that’s where you can find the best Cendol in Malacca..

That’s mine… Cheqout the gula melaka yo!

Then we left to the other side of the town to have our dinner, Satay Celup..

Got back to the apartment, where we cleaned ourselves up, had some short nap, watched tv, played some cards, talked thrash and so on.. Then the 9 hungry souls went out again for supper..

Fried Oyster! This dude have bunch of customers waiting for his tasty fried oysters…

You must be thinking where is the picture of the fried oyster… Well, I didn’t manage to get a good shot.. I was drooling.

After supper.. Back to the apartment, watched some Stephen Chow comedies.. Kicking it back old school.. Hahahaha.. Laughed our asses off before we head to bed..

Stay tune for more updates.. I just got back bout 2 hours ago, am really tired! See ya and till then!

  1. ea says:

    Show me pics with the underwater caseeee! Wanna see how good it was. Hahaha. Babi punyer budak. 😛

  2. kinz says:

    Chill la bro.. Hover ur mouse over to your contact list and click on me.. You’ll see the best display picture ever…

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