Some pickups lately…

Posted: 30 December, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

So, I will be leaving GeeK after working with them for about 2 years.. Why? Soon, you will know why..

The unsung heroes..

Will update more about GeeK shortly..

Some of you might be curious what I got from Hong Kong..

Here is some stuff I bought from Disneyland.. I spent about $HKD600 in Disneyland including a tee shirt I bought for my dad, and some lil souvenirs..

That’s two of four/five item for myself.. I was impulsive when buying the Winnie The Pooh drinker, and I was desperate for the Goofy Cap… So yea, that’s already $HKD200..

I even got some stuff from the night market.. Got a monopod, a mini tripod, some Hong Kong tee shirt, and few more stuff..

Here’s what I got from the airport..

From Hong Kong’s Airport..

From Malaysia’s Airport.. Absolut Disco! (it’s actually Absolut Vodka in a Limited Edition bottle cover..)

Couple of days before Christmas, I got myself a new lens.. A portrait lens, 50mm F/1.8.. Couple of hours ago, my sister handed me a Red Hotlink paper bag.. As I open it.. I was like WOW!! What’s that for? She answered “FOR YOU!” I was like “You must be kidding right?” She said no.. WAHAHAHAHAH!! I’m a happy man!

I got the Canon 75-300is F4-5.6 zoom lens.. Woohlala!!! And next to it, it’s my portrait lens.. So yea, the zoom lens is complimentary from Thean Eu’s dad.. Thank you so so much! I really appreciate it! I never thought that I would own a zoom/tele lens that early.. (the kit lens is not considered a zoom lens for me…) So yea.. I’m a happy dude!

And I gotto thank eman too.. For lending me so many of his gears.. Damn…

All of the 3 items were put in good use.. I had fun with the flash yesterday, the tripod helped a lot during night scenes in Hong Kong and also group pictures at Hong Kong and also yesterday’s dinner, and the battery…. It was so damn useful to have a spare battery around.. Thanks a lot for letting me fiddle around with your gears..

I’ll be off to Malacca and Port Dickson for 4 days.. So yea.. Stay tune for more updates then.. At the mean time, please do drop comments, I might be able to reply if I spot any Wifi Hotspots around Malacca or PD.. See ya! and Happy New Year.. (this is most likely the last post of 2007!)

  1. rinachew says:

    I likey the absolut

  2. shaun says:

    omg, that lens looks so damn good. IS! X]

  3. ea says:

    Happy New Year biatch!

  4. kinz says:


    rina : ahhaha.. i likey the bottle!

    shaun : hahah thanks.. it’s abit slow though..

    ea : happy new year to you too!!

  5. Levine says:

    How much u got the manfrotto tripod for?

  6. kinz says:

    Sorry but the tripod was borrowed from a friend..

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